Gordon rumors around the web

First, DraftExpress reports the Pistons are interested in freeing up cap space to make a run at muliple FAs with Gordon being one of them.

Enter the Oklahoma City Thunder. They are reportedly high on B.J. Mullens (as is Milwaukee), and likely would be able to nab him with the 15th pick. Considering how far under the cap they'll be this summer, they would have no problem taking on Amir Johnson's expiring 3.66 million dollar contract. They should be able to find a suitor for their late first round pick if they choose to do so, as teams like San Antonio, Houston, Toronto and Orlando are all in the market for a draft choice in that range.

With the money Detroit frees up, they could go after their top two free agent targets, rumored to be Paul Millsap and Ben Gordon.

While Chad Ford is reporting that the Thunder have interest and confirms the DX rumor

Mitchell (Chicago): Please tell me Ben Gordon is staying in Chicago.

Chad Ford: If he can find a team willing to give him the money he wants
... he 's gone. I've heard OKC has interest. And the Pistons do too if
they can find a way to pay him and a big man like Boozer.

Neither of these rumors are big news.   Gordon is likely being associated with anyone who has cap space.   Personally, Gordon strikes me as a somewhat poor fit on both teams.

Oklahoma City is going to come to the conclusion that Russell Westbrook is not a PG.  Since he's not, Ben Gordon isn't a good fit next to him, because he's not a PG either.   They also seem to have plenty of guys to take a lot of shots, so adding a gunner doesn't seem to be what they need really.   Especially given that Durant and Jeff Green are both probably better as threes, and Westbrook is a guard, they seem to need a big man a lot more than Gordon.

Ben Gordon could be a fit in Detroit if they can also add a big man, but right now their three most talented players are Stuckey, Hamilton, and Prince.   Do you really look to add a guard and have all four of your most talented players in your backcourt or on the wings?   That's similar to how the Bulls are set up or the Nets in the past.  

It's just tough to win without big men.

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