Gerald Henderson on the Chicago Bulls radar?

According to K.C. Johnson, the Bulls may be looking at Gerald Henderson if they move up in the draft.

The Bulls have held trade talks with several teams about packaging
picks Nos. 16 and 26 into one higher selection, with two league sources
insisting the target is Duke shooting guard Gerald Henderson.

Plenty of ambiguous quotes from Gar Foreman about moving up, down, out, or any other which way in the draft as well at the link.

As for Henderson, he's got solid potential to play a niche role for the Bulls.   If he could develop a spot up three point shot then he could be a very good complement for Derrick Rose.   At the same time, any player who struggles with the college three isn't likely to become a good spot up three point shooter in the NBA.


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  • what does he offer that BG7 doesn't. Seriously, he can defend but Hinrich can do that. He will never be the scorer Gordon is lol. I like his defense more than his offense. He looks like his dad, very mediocre and undersized.

  • Dahtay Jones V2?

  • I'm not a fan of Stephen Curry, or Gerald Henderson. I find it weird to draft him when we just gave up a better defender in Thabo Sefolosha. Thabo is a better ball handler and passer. I was actually looking forward to Thabo playing alongside Rose.

  • I understand the intrigue to Henderson but the more I read and watch of Terrence Williams the more I like him over Henderson.
    Terrence is just as versatile and praised on his defensive abilities as much as Henderson.
    I know your main glare to Williams is his lack of spot up shooting and mid-range game, but remember Rose's glare was the same thing.
    I just think that if shooting is a deficiency in someone's game being in the NBA the only way is to go up! right? haha.

    What are your quick pros and cons between the two prospects? TWILL and DSON

  • Funny, I can't understand how Danny Green gets so little recognition compared to his teammate Ellington. Ellington doesn't play any defense, and is a pure shooter. You don't want him budging from behind that 3 point line. Green is an excellent shooter, with near ideal technique. He plays excellent defense, and he moves very well without the ball.

    Doug, you think Henderson will be a better defender than Williams? I see Henderson being a very good team defender who plays within a system well, and gets into the passing lanes. But I don't see the potential to lock down the top wings in the league, like I see in Williams.

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