Former Bulls coach, Tim Floyd, resigns [fired] from USC

Personally, I've never been a Floyd fan.   I'm still bitter and
spiteful for the way he failed the Bulls.   Yes, I know, I know, he had
no talent at all to work with at all.   I mean what would a coach do
with a team of Jamal Crawford, Ron Mercer, Ron Artest, Fred Hoiberg,
Marcus Fizer, Elton Brand, and Brad Miller.   That's 15 win talent right there.   That is, if it's being coached by a sock puppet, my left toe, or a pile of moldy cheese.   An actual NBA caliber coach could probably coax quite a few more wins out of that squad or actually develop some of the talent that went on to develop significantly later on.

Back to the issue at hand, I feel Floyd gets a bad rap for his latest problems.  He's merely doing [allegedly] what everyone is doing [in my hypothetical conspiracy theory laden world].  Look, these schools make millions, maybe tens of millions off of a single top prospect.   You don't think the typical school landing these guys isn't paying them some share of that under the table?

Say the cost to get the top prospect was $1.   No one would ever get caught if they handed him a $1 bill.   Now opinions may vary, but I think if it only took $1 to sign the #1 recruit in any major sport that probably every coach and school in division I basketball would do it.

However, that's the thing, once you acknowledge that most schools or people would cheat all the time if it was $1 and they'd never get caught it's only a matter of calculating how much they think they can get away with, how much they think the prospect can make them, how big the risk of being caught is, and how bad the penalty is if they are.   

There's probably some sliding scale coaches use to determine this amount when paying off players similar to the draft pick trading formula used by NFL coaches.

So, today, I'll feel a little sorry for Tim Floyd.  He may have ruined two or three years of Bulls basketball, but today he's the guy who got a speeding ticket for going 10 mph over the speed limit while the next 10,000 cars that passed by didn't.   A little ill fortune and bad reputation will follow him now for playing a game that I believe everyone else is playing with him.

So leave your comments, best Tim Floyd stories, good or bad.


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  • I heard Floyd is coming back to the Bulls in either some assistant job or front office job. Apparently he's really good friends with Gar Forman and there looking into it

  • It will be, one way or the other.

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