Deng untouchable? Did hoopsworld publish a chat from last year?

Seriously, this has to be about the least believable thing I've ever read on hoopsworld, in a trade for Chris Bosh, Luol Deng is being described as untouchable.   Let's forget for a moment that the Raptors wouldn't even consider taking Deng's contract back in a Bosh trade, but to then assume the Bulls would say "no thank you"?

Bill Ingram:
We have it on good authority that Deng is untouchable. . .Marion will re-up with the Raps.

Also, when asked whether the Suns would trade Shaq or Amare, they responded with:

Bill Ingram:
. . .yes. That Chicago deal that almost happened isn't dead. Tyrus
Thomas at the 4? But not sood . . .Amar'e's eye is still very much a

This wouldn't surprise me much too much, one high level management source  (who doesn't work for the Suns or the Bulls) told me that Amare to the Bulls was done, and then the Suns changed their minds.   However, that deal was very close to happening at the deadline.

There are some othe notable Bulls things at the link as well, but most are based more on speculation than any claim to sources.

I'm not one to speculate on how serious Amare's eye condition is, but if he checks out physically then I would bet the Suns would love a redo on that trade deadline move.


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  • Doug do you remember what the deal was?

  • At this point, is it a given that any deal for either Bosh or Stoudemire would include an extension for them? I know anything can happen, but some things are unlikely, right? Gar Paxford wouldn't even consider giving up all that talent without more than a season guaranteed, right?

  • The eye thing is huge. My dad had the same surgery at the same time as Amare. Amare's retina was torn as well as detached, my dad's was only detached.

    As of today my dad is still functionally blind in that eye, he has to wear a patch to drive. Amare still has fluid under the retina, not a good sign.

    they have told my dad to wait at least three more months before even considering additional surgery. Plus Amare, gogles or not is playing a physical contact sport.

    I would not take a chance on him without a serious consultation with several eye specialists.

    I think that he is untradable until at least the trade deadline, and that is assuming that he plays for a while and looks like his same old self.

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