Chicago Bulls take Taj Gibson at #26

With DeJuan Blair on the board, the Chicago Bulls select Taj Gibson disappointing most Bulls fans.   While Blair's knee issues where a challenge, it's surprising to pass him here.   Gibson isn't a player I scouted, so I don't have an in depth view of him.

This pick looks like a promise pick though as had Gibson mocked to go to us today after having him deep in the second round a couple of days ago.

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  • Wow, I haven't posted in a while, but come on. Unless there is a serious trade in the works, fire all of management and Mr. Obama, please force Reinsdorf to sell this team. How you don't take a player who is proven to fill a serious team need (really since Cartwright) with the 26th pick when he was projected as high as 11 is disgusting. Blair would've been a steal.

    I for Forman has a big, delicious rabbit up his sleeve...

  • I hope Forman has a big, delcious rabbit up his sleeve, my bad.

  • Why couldn't the Bulls have been smart enough to work out a prearanged deal with Dallas at 24 for Mullens. Once it became clear that he was falling past 18 they should have been banging the phones. All it cost OKC was a future 2nd.

    Everyone had OKC angling for him in a trade up or at 25.

    Don't know why OKC had to trade with Dallas at 24, makes no sense.

  • Gibson was on my short list at 26, if we didn't go for a guard.

    Love his length, 6'10", 7'4", 9'1". plays some D, skinny, maybe a Joe Smith type if he can develop a jumper.

    Got to believe that Tyrus is in jeopardy.

    Bulls setting themselves up well for a blockbuster trade and for one big free agent.

    Lebron and Bosh or Amare is still not out of the question if we play our cards right.

  • But come on.............26th pick fills a big need. It is beyond sensible. I don't care about the knees or the weight. If Tyler Hansborough is a #13 pick, there's no way Blair should've fallen past the Bulls at 26. There better be a big deal in the works.

    Lebron ain't coming to Chicago, dream on. Wade is barely realistic and it's a hell of a lot more likely than Lebron.

  • The thing is Blair would of never found the court with Johnson and Tyrus. I don't get why Gibson can't develop jumper even though he's 24. He still good 4 big man kinda like Leon Powe type player

  • He doesn't need to, he needs to add muscle and improve his post play on both sides. That's it. He's a shot blocker, and he'll give us some rebounds. I could care less if he can hit from more than 6 feet out, because that means he's too far from the basket.

    I hated the pick at first, I thought they should have gone Green or Jerebko. But it's really growing on me. If he pans out at all, he gives us depth as a 3rd guy in line for both PF and C, and he does so with a skill set we don't have anywhere else. He'll help us slow the pace when that's benficial, or to play effectively when someone is forcing a slower pace on us.

    I'd still have preferred Green, I think the Cavs got a huge steal.

  • The more that I read/hear about Gibson the more I like him.
    Of course that is probably true about most picks before we actually see them play.

    Nevertheless his game is apparently based on energy, effort, defense and rebounding especially offensive.

    Other than Noah we have no one who brings that to the table on a consistent basis. So maybe Noah will get some help this year.

    Also, do any of you remember Hinrich at 3 and Salmons at 4 during crunch time in the playoffs and wondering how we were ever going to get a rebound, I do.

    Hopefully, we won't see that kind of lineup this year.

    The old adage, you can't teach height, or in this case length makes him a reasonable pick at 26, not that I wouldn't have been happy to get Blair. Gibson was the longest non center in the draft, so we have that going for us.

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