Chicago Bulls enter draft night with two picks; exit with?

The Bulls enter the draft with picks #16 and #26 in a draft often criticized for a lack of talent.   They're the center of a number of trade rumors, but they haven't pulled the trigger on any trades just yet.   What are the Bulls likely to come out of this draft with?
The rumors on picks:
Most rumors have the Bulls interested in the following players:
Gerald Henderson, James Johnson, Dejuan Blair, B.J. Mullens, or Terrence Williams

The players are listed in the order that I believe they would take them in right now if they were all on the board taking in the totality of the rumors I've read across the internet and a couple tidbits I've heard from my sources about their interest.

The rumors on trades:
The most popular rumor on trades is that the Bulls are looking to trade up in the first round by combining the #16 and #26.   New Jersey rejected their deal for #11, but there's a chance they could move up to #13 with Indiana or elsewhere in the draft if they could strike a deal.

The second rumor that seems to be running wild is Kirk Hinrich to Portland, however local beat writers K.C. Johnson and Mike McGraw have both downplayed the possibility, and I've confirmed the story about Kirk telling friends he's going to Portland is false.

The final rumor has been hinted at many times by hoopsworld which is that the Bulls may renew negotiations for an Amare Stoudemire trade.   That one strikes me as the largest stretch of the group, and seems like hoopsworld is just throwing stuff against the wall hoping to get lucky.

Predictions sure to go wrong:
1) By the end of the night Kirk Hinrich or Tyrus Thomas will no longer be a Chicago Bull.
2) The Bulls will stand pat at #16 and take Gerald Henderson who will slip there.
3) The Bulls will sell #26, trade down to the second round, or trade out for a 2010 pick.

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