Chad Ford says Blazers looking at Kirk Hinrich

In Chad Ford's latest Insider blog, he went over many trade rumors surrounding the Portland Trailblazers including this one

There's no question Pritchard also is trying to figure out a way to get maximum cap room this summer to use for a free agent or in a trade. The Magic's Hedo Turkoglu gets the most mention, but sources say Portland's real target is Bulls point guard Kirk Hinrich.

The idea of non-guaranteed contracts of Steve Blake + Travis Outlaw being swapped for Kirk Hinrich is hardly a new one as Bulls fans have been discussing this possibility for over six months.   Whether Ford's sources on this amount to any real inside info is of course open for debate, but such a trade seems to make sense for both sides.

The trade frees up the financial room for the Bulls to keep Gordon and stay out of the luxury tax.   However, given how profitable the Bulls are, going into the luxury tax for one season after making the most money in the past decade on their franchise seems like something they owe the fans anyway even though we know it's unlikely to actually work out that way <steps off soapbox>.

It also has the added bonus of being able to be completed after draft day is completed and the Bulls can actually talk to Ben Gordon and work out a contract with him, meaning there's no trade away Kirk and then have Ben Gordon walk to another team and be stuck with no one possibility.

Of course, I've heard repeatedly that Hinrich is a goner regardless of what happens with Ben, but that remains to be seen and is still difficult for me to believe.   We'll see how things pan out.


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  • Doug

    Love your blog!

    Saw a headline on ESPN's insiders/NBA Rumors from June 19th - Arenas to Chicago!

    Know anything about this one???


  • In reply to JeffKapugi:

    Hey Jeff60525 The Arenas News just said that he was training in Chicago this ofseason and not with the Wiz. here is article:

    Trainer Tim Grover, who worked for Kobe Bryant during the NBA Finals, told Michael Lee of The Washington Post that Gilbert Arenas will travel to Chicago in two weeks to work out at Grover's Attacks Athletics facility.
    Lee reports the Wizards support the decision by Arenas to train elsewhere and will likely send someone up to Chicago to keep an eye on him.

  • In reply to RobbieJ:

    Thanks Robbie! Had season tickets for the Wizards for 2 years when I was there, and when Arenas is on, he's really good. Not sure he'd fit in with the Bulls, but it made me raise my eyebrows. Great headline by ESPN to suck me in. HAHA!

  • In reply to RobbieJ:

    I would do Hinrich for Outlaw and Blake in a minute. Outlaw athleticism and defense makes him a threat on the bench. He makes our rotation better. Plus, Blake will give Bulls a affordable manager behind Rose. Hinrich can play off Roy great! He's a shooter and he plays defense. Their a upcoming team too. He can start with Roy any day.

  • In reply to RobbieJ:

    So how does this work? If we got them, and decided we needed one or both of their depth for a year while we rebuild, could we do that and still cut them next year without affecting our cap?

  • In reply to RobbieJ:

    Well, even if we don't get BG back, it would give us more than enough space to give a guy like Ariza a nice offer.

    You really think we'd be more likely to keep Outlaw around than Blake? Barring other trades, SF is one of our deeper positions, while a trade of Hinrich would immediately make backup PG a major need. I'd be intrigued by a draft of Lawson at #16 (I see him as either a very good, well suited backup, or a great starter (trade bait), without much middle ground due to his size), but I would definitely prefer a PF/wing focus.

  • In reply to RobbieJ:

    I'm not really thrilled with what Portland is willing to offer for Hinrich. If they put Fernandez on the table then I would talk, but they love him so it is not happening. I might have some interest in Martell Webster despite his injury history.

    Personally, I think that Portland goes after a point in free agency first, then looks at Hinrich if they don't sign a free agent. Andre seems perfect for them.

    I hate giving up Hinrich as a pure salary dump, especially just to pay Gordon, but with Portland 7-8 million under the cap we could trade him there and not take back any salary just future draft picks, I believe. not a good basketball move, but in todays NBA, who knows.

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