Bulls working trade to keep Gordon?

Bill Ingrem of Hoopsworld had this to say in a chat today.

Question:its obvious we desperately need a 2 guard, and with chicago and orl needing cap to bring back bg, turk, gortat, can I flip stacks instant exp for salmons or pietrius?

Bill Ingram:
Interesting idea . . .Pietrus is highly valued in Orlando, but Hedo's been quite good in the playoffs. Maybe they'd part with Mickael to keep Hedo. The Bulls have another deal in the works to help them keep BG, though we've been given that info in confidence and can't share it at this time.

Hoopsworld's reputation on rumors leaves much to be desired.   Still, this is more evidence in the ever growing train of evidence that the Bulls may be shopping Hinrich in an attempt to keep Ben Gordon.


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  • I, too, have confidential information that I'm not able to share. After something happens, I'll tell you whether I knew about in advance or not. That way I can get totally justified credit for it.

  • Well, that explains the last few years of our lives.

  • I have a strong feeling Gar and Pax will pull a "Jay Cutler" on draft night. We have all the pieces to give away and start to build around Rose, I mean, I just can't see why we wouldn't.

  • For the Bulls and their rebuild around Rose plan, as well as the summer of 2010 plan dumping Gordon, Hinrich and even Deng for lottery picks, even in this years draft would be a better move than keeping the same old and now(or soon to be)overpaid "core".

    Looking back from say October 2010 would you rather have Gordon, Hinrich and Deng, or say the 4, 5, and 6 picks of this draft, which could be Tyreke Evans, DeMar DeRozen and/or James Harden and/or Jordan Hill. Plus whoever we get at 16.

    I'll take my chances on any 2 of the 3 big guards being better compliments to Rose in 2010 and beyond than either Gordon or Hinrich.

    The only value that Deng, Hinrich and Gordon possess to me is as trade chips in a blockbuster for one of the Big free agents of the summer of 2010.

    Maybe we convince LeBron that the place to be is MJ's house and get him in a sign and trade for Deng and Ty Thomas, way better than nothing for Cleveland.

    We aren't getting Bosh, he's going to Miami, and he is at best a weak Pau Gasol.

    2010 lineup

    Point Rose, Evans
    SG Evans, Derozen or Harden
    SF Lebron, Salmons
    4,5 Noah, Mullens or Blair and Asik.

    That is NBA size and length at every position and a very solid 7 man rotation, with Lebron the "old man" of the group.

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