Bulls willing to move Tyrus, Hinrich to Portland?

According to Mark Stein, the Bulls are willing to move Tyrus Thomas and that the Trailblazers are focusing in on Kirk Hinrich.

Chicago, by all accounts, has been increasingly open in its willingness
to move power forward Tyrus Thomas. Kirk Hinrich, meanwhile, is said to
be prominent on Portland's wish list given the Blazers' growing
pessimism about persuading Phoenix to part with Steve Nash via trade
and their ability to sign Jason Kidd away from Dallas.

Well Hinrich to Portland wouldn't shock anyone.  Chad Ford was discussing the same thing a couple of days ago, so it's possible both rumors are coming from the same source.   Still, a deal makes a lot of sense here for both sides.

The Bulls shopping Tyrus also shouldn't shock anyone.   Tyrus has been an up and down prospect since his arrival here, and the Bulls have seemed to tire of his attitude and lack of focus at times.  My only hope with Tyrus is that he's not given away in a trade and that some value comes back with him.


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  • Hinrich, 16th, 26th and TyThomas for Aldride and Joel P?

  • cmon you really think portland is gonna give up ALDRIDGE or RUDY??? unless portland gets michael jordan circa the 90's, not gonna happen. especially not for tyrus or hinrich. chicagos not going to get pryzbilla either. too hardworking, too valuable. most chicago will get is...steve blake, outlaw, or some other reserves. don't hold your breath for anyone better.

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