Bulls targeting Henderson, Nets rejected deal for #11

Sources close to have informed me that the Bulls were targeting Gerald Henderson in their potential trade up to pick #11.   The Nets, at least for now, have rejected their offer, so the Bulls will stand pat at #16.   Of course, this could always change on draft day depending on how the draft goes. To me, this isn't all that surprising.   Henderson fits much of the Bulls M.O.   He's has the high character background, major college program, and defensive mentality.   He's also athletic and has some upside offensively.

Personally, Henderson didn't do tons to impress me as a high ceiling player, but I'd be quite happy if he was wearing a Bulls hat at the end of draft day.  He'll fit in as a solid contributor to the team whether he's replacing Gordon or working with with him next year.

There's still a chance Henderson will fall to the Bulls at #16 on draft day.


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  • I guess Gar Forman and other Bulls personnel in charge of the draft might see no interesting big guys available in mid first round of this years draft. However, there are quite few good guards available at this point. In this case, they might rather use the draft pick to get a good guard and rearrange the back court, since we have lots of uncertainties on back court also. Then they use off season trade to improve Bulls' front court. This draft strategy might match what they said before about picking Best Player Available. Just see how it goes, although I really want to see Bulls keeps all of our current back court to start next season.

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