Bulls looking to trade up for Henderson or Johnson

Techn9ne of rumorpress.net has said through a friend that the Bulls target while trading up is James Johnson or Gerald Henderson.  He hasn't posted it on his official blog yet, but his rumor was reported on bullspodcasters.com as well as realgm.com.
I have no problem believing this rumor given that Johnson would be the first guy I would trade up to get, and Henderson would be someone else I'd be very interested in if I moved up in the draft.  

The trade would likely be the frequently rumored move with the Nets packaging #16 and #26 for #11 overall.   While mock drafts have had Johnson falling, from scouting the players, it's hard for me to imagine how Johnson lasts to pick #16.

I'm highly in favor of moving up for Johnson if that's what it takes to ensure the Bulls land him.



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  • If we gotta move up to land him we do it.... Johnson is the guy I want

  • Good (yellow tinged) news, these are the top two guys I want, with a realistic chance of getting them. Too bad the Nets don't have a second rounder to include, I'd like a shot at Green or Harris.

  • i posted something similar to this on BaB about Henderson-- I don't mind him as a player, but I'm awfully concerned that the org views trading up to get him as a sort of replacement to Gordon instead of a nice complement to both Rose and Gordon. Henderson seems to me to be the big, defensive minded 2 guard that so many "experts" seem to think would be a perfect fit next to Rose. Obviously, a lot of decisions and moves are still to be made in the next year or two with this roster, so I'd hate to see the Bulls just take a supposed replacement for BG and let Gordon walk without at least getting something back.

    I do agree that I would love trading up to get Johnson; I don't really see much of anything available at 26 that would help this team, and Johnson seems to have a lot of talent, and maybe even a game that is kind of similar to Tyrus? He could really help in the front court, especially if Tyrus is moved this offseason

  • and who might this more proven college commodity be in this draft at either 16 or that we could trade up a few spots to get? i'm failing to see it; the proven college commodities in this draft are either few and far between or point guards.

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