Bulls interested in Casspi or moving pick?

Some interesting tidbits from an Israeli website; Haaretz.com.

K.C. Johnson of the Chicago Tribune yesterday
speculated that while the Bulls are considering choosing Casspi in the
first round, management would rather trade their 26th place pick with
another team.

Casspi has announced his eligibility for the NBA draft twice
before, yet withdrew on both occasions because he was not guaranteed a
first-round pick.

Now I couldn't find where KC Johnson reported this, but I just looked at a bunch of film on Casspi and Bulls fans should be rooting for the trade scenario.   Seriously, I've never scouted a player entering the draft who impressed me less than Casspi.

The guy shoots okay, but he's got a slow release and is only a decent shooter.   He can't do anything else even okay.  He can't handle the ball, take his man off the dribble, doesn't pass, doesn't own the glass, isn't athletic.

How is this guy on anyone's radar.  If Ivica Dukan is on board with this guy it's time to find a new international scout.   Either that, or he'll prove me wrong and I should permenently give up scouting reports on draft prospects, because I've never seen a guy I was so confident that he wouldn't pan out at the next level before.


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  • Are we talking worse than Viktor K?

  • He doesn't even look weak, he looks frail. Can you imagine what would happen if he went up to contest a D. Howard dunk?

    What are the rules on foreign draftees? From what I gather, if another team owns their rights, they can try to reach a buyout, or just leave the player over. What about when the player's contract expires, can he force the matter and get the rookie contract at that time, or does the team have the choice not to bring him over?

  • So, when his contract expires, I assume he can decide to sign another contract with the foreign team. But if he wants to come NBA at that point, can the NBA team deny him? So if the Bulls signed Casspi as a long shot, could he force the issue later on?

  • I see, I read that differently the first time. I guess it would be a good idea to draft a long shot, then, if they aren't going to be getting forced into anything down the road. But I don't think Casspi should be it, he has a low floor, and a ceiling below most projected late second rounders' floors. I don't get why he's projecting so high, and I think the Bulls should really reach with a pick like this, if they don't sell it or stay domestic.

    Reading over the Eurocamp coverage at draftexpress, maybe Vladimir Dasic.

  • I rather them take Young or Rodrigue Beaubois at 26, if one of them are there.

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