Ben Gordon on Waddle and Silvy

There's a great recap of the interview over at   You can also listen to the whole interview here.  The most interesting aspect of it may be his view of his relationship with Reinsdorf and the organization (from the recap):

  • He didn't have an exit interview iwth anyone in the Bulls' front office.  Things were different this year.
  • Ultimately everything goes through Jerry Reinsdorf, regardless of
    who is in the front office.  Those guys just represent Jerry's wishes.
  • Doesn't have a relationship with Jerry Reinsdorf.  Sometimes talks to him about contract things.
  • Last summer was drawn out and came to a stalemate.  On Ben's end,
    he tried to work out some other options involving other teams, but that
    did not go over.  At the end, he went to the Bulls and said he would
    take the offer, and they told him it was no longer on the table.  That
    was last summer's negotiations in a nutshell.  They had an offer, then
    when he decided to take it, they told him it was no longer there.

This interview seems to run contrary from everything Gar and Pax have been saying about wanting to keep Gordon.  They seem to have made it awfully clear that Gordon is in their plans, while Gordon didn't seem to think much of it.

Clearly he's still a bit bitter about the way he's been treated, and perhaps for good reason.   The idea that the Bulls had that offer on the table forever, and then decided not to let him have it at the end always struck me the wrong way.   I know they pulled the offer, and he only accepted after it was pulled, but still.

Why leave it out there and play hardball all summer, then say no when your playing hardball finally pays off?

Either way, it will be interesting to see what the organization does on the Gordon front come July 1st when real negotiations start.

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