Ben Gordon has $11 million promise from Detroit?

Sam Smith says he heard Ben Gordon has an 11 million dollar promise from Detroit already.  

But I also heard
that Gordon's agent allegedly has been saying he has an $11 million promise from
the Pistons.

Gordon can't negotiate with anyone until July 1st, so technically any such promise would mean tampering on the Pistons side though I would suspect this type of early negotiation happens all the time and that nothing will come of it.   Afterall, the Bulls may not really want Gordon back that badly anyway.

At 11 million per season, it's time to say goodbye to Ben.   Ben would also be vindicated in turning down his extension with the Bulls twice by gaining more money than he was offered on either extension.

The Bulls would also look more foolish for not allowing him to accept the 9 million dollar deal he tried before the tip off of last season.  

Sam Smith thinks the Pistons are crazy to trade away Rip Hamilton to make room for Gordon, because Rip is tall.   Sam's been covering the the NBA far longer than me, but doesn't the fact that Gordon is far better than Hamilton mean something?   How about that he's younger and will still maintain or improve his level of play over the life of the new contract while Rip is on the decline?

I get that the Pistons will need to get a real PG in there somewhere, but Dumars won two titles behind a diminutive backcourt of himself and Isiah.  He may not be scared to attempt the same thing again. 

We'll see how it plays out, but it's worth remembering that while Sam Smith, editorial trade wizard, wasn't ever in the realm of accuracy, Sam Smith, reporter of rumors, has a nice track record.  


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  • It's time to say goodbye, no matter what offer is on the table.
    Gordon is the most selfish player in the NBA.

  • Is there anyone on Detroit we could or should look at a sign and trade for?

  • The question is 3-fold. If this is true would you take 11 mil a year and go to Detroit? If you are the Bulls do you pay BG that amount? Is it a bluff on the part of BG's agents to get the Bulls to pay up?

    In my view if you can pay Deng 12 mil and Hinrich and average of 11.5 (one oft-injured and the other now a part-time starter) both MORE than that annually then can't you pay BG that kind of money?

  • If we could move Hinrich for parts that fit better and/or salary relief I'd have no problem giving Gordon 5 years 55 mill. The first year salary would start right around 9 mill, with it near 10 mill for the 2010 summer, and we'd only be paying him until he was 30. With Gordon's work ethic and professionalism I find it hard to believe he won't be a productuve player throughout the duration of the contract.

    Also, knowing Raymond Brothers' illustrious history during these negotiations, it wouldn't surprise me at all if this were a bluff.

  • Gordon needs to get himself a new agent. This is just a stupid ploy that could end up hurting his chances of signing with one of his top two destinations, and he shouldn't stand for it.

    I'm with you Calogero, we should be trading Hinrich and resigning Gordon. I'd actually love to have Hinrich stick around, backing up Rose and Gordon, but it's just not fair to him. Neither Hinrich nor Salmons are players that can realistically be considered in our long term plans, so they should be traded while their value is high.

    Tony, I really don't think Gordon is selfish. He can be a black hole on offense, but with him, I think it's less a matter of selfishness, and more getting caught up in desire. I don't think it's fair to call that selfishness, especially when he's so efficient. Not that he couldn't pass a little more often to open things up a bit, but I'd much rather have him than Salmons stopping the ball.

  • Honestly, I wouldn't mind so long as the trades are favorable, and we have a strong enough team to keep Rose from getting down on things. Deng is tough to build around, lacking both a three point shot and strong defense, and Gordon can really only defend other midgets successfully. I'm not sure I see them getting rid of all three in one year, though, that's a pretty big leap. I suppose I'd rather keep Deng (since he's not likely to fetch much right now) and unload Salmons.

  • Doug is that just feeling or have you been told this by sources. Do you think they'll try to go Knicks route then?

  • watch him after he commits a turnover, as a matter of a fact watch him anytime that he is not shooting the ball.

    I replay my Tivo just to watch Gordon quit on at least 50% of the plays that don't involve him shooting. These transgressions are far worse than his poor shot selection, and infect the rest of the team, especially boneheads like Thomas.

    This is why he has to go. Of course the Gordon lovers, who only watch Sportscenter and check the boxscores wouldn't have any clue about this insidious aspect of his game.

    Winning a championship requires a maniacal effort for every minute that you are on the court, especially on defense and in transition after turnovers.

    Just think back to how we won six championships, it wasn't with offense and we had the greatest offensive player in the game this side of a young Wilt.

    Jordan would have hated Gordon, and probably killed him in practice.

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