B.J. Mullens to Detroit and not Chicago?

Earlier there were reports that B.J. Mullens had a promise to go to the Chicago Bulls.   Now nbadraft.net is reporting that the promise is from the Pistons.

Two different sources have indicated to NBADraft.net on Friday that the Pistons
have a promise in place to take BJ Mullens if
he's available to the them at 15.

Mullens works well with the rebuilding Pistons as he's a player with significant
upside but will take time to become a contributor. With the Pistons in the process
of rebuilding their squad, Mullens offers them a potential center for the future.

This makes a heck of a lot more sense than him getting a promise from the Bulls.   The Bulls don't seem like a team looking for a huge project, and Mullens doesn't fit the type of personality or character the team tries to build around.

I was never real high on believing the first promise though, perhaps I'm just bitter because BJ never approved my twitter request.


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  • Whew!

  • I saw this coming, I've been mocking Mullens at 15 for a while now.

    Blair and Mullens are my top 2 choices. Blair is going 9-11, so I had hoped that Mullens fell to us.

    I always thought that he made perfect sense to Detroit at 15, after all with Wallace gone, they have Kwame Brown at center.

    The only hope that they don't take him is if Earl Clark lasts to 15, which he might, but they are most likely to address the forward position in free agency so they probably pass on Clark who falls to us.

    So we end up choosing among Clark, Johnson, Hansbrough and Williams. They all make sense on some level, but I like Hansbrough the least.

    Kenny Smith had an interesting take on him, basically saying that anyone who has ever played the game at the college and pro level knows that you cannot put up the numbers that Hansbrough has for 4 straight years and not be good in the pros. He says he is top 10.

  • I'm just wondering who is an good example for a big guy who didn't have any solid skills except for physical advantages and talent when he got drafted and become a solid player in NBA. Solid skills include the rebounding, shooting, post move, and shot blocking.

    Mullens need to work a lot to make himself a NBA level player, on both offensive and defensive end. If he is in question about his work ethic and attitude, I highly doubt that he could ever show up his talent. Maybe I'm just so tired of this kind of big projects.

    IMO, if we are looking for a big guy who can be in the rotation and contribute something on court when he come off the bench, Mullens is just too risky to gamble.

  • Chad Ford said this isn't true!

  • People doubted Amare Stoudemire and guess who was taken in front of him. Upside over college success any day. This only proves my point, you draft players off upside, need, and potential. Last time I checked, Bulls certainly could use a BJ Mullens down the road because they not winning jack next year. Blair will be Danny fortson until his knees give out like Livingston.

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