The NBA Lottery's impact on the Bulls

The Clippers were the big winner in the lottery taking the 1st pick in a draft some people think is one player deep.   Personally, I think Rubio makes it two players deep, but most experts haven't actually watched him play much and are skeptical of European players by default.

K.C. Johnson writes about the Bulls possibly trading for Kaman or Camby after they select Blake Griffin with the 1st pick in the draft.   Personally, I don't see what the point in trading for Camby is unless we're dumping salary, and the Clippers don't seem like the team to take on extra salary do they?

Kaman is another deal, he's become a default prize for many Bulls fans if they're unable to get a star player, but I'm wary of him.   Sure, he seems like a good fit, but he's always hurt, allegedly has ADD (allegedly), and has had a PER over 15 only once in his career. 

Granted, his best year was in 07/08, and he would have likely had a much better PER last year if his rebounding numbers weren't down due to playing next to Randolph and Camby.   Still, he's a guy with only decent numbers when healthy who is on a fairly big deal and isn't healthy often.   I won't jump off a cliff if the Bulls acquire him for Brad Miller, but I won't be starting up the parade either.

On the plus side, at age 27, he at least would have the potential to be a long term fit for the team, and he brings legit low post offense as well as a physicality we're presently missing.  

The lottery helps us in at least one other way as well, at least if you want to keep Ben Gordon.   Ricky Rubio is going to go to Memphis or Oklahoma City.   Both teams were threats to sign Ben Gordon, but the one that drafts Rubio likely gives up on that dream which means if you're a fan of keeping Gordon then one of the players in his bidding will taken off the table.   If it's Oklahoma City, then it's one of the teams people thought would be a serious bidder.

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