Sam Smith on Luol Deng's status (and more)

Sam Smith on ' Ask Sam ' gave an interesting update on Luol Deng's status:

This is the situation with Lu. He has a fracture that is healing
slowly. It has healed some, but not fully. No one will know anything
for sure until he tries to play at a high level. He still intends to
play for Great Britain if he can. He may not be able to physically, and
he may not be able to get insurance from Great Britain, though that's
all unknown. If he is healed, he said he's going to play and by league
orders the Bulls cannot stop him. If the fracture is not healed or
something happens when he tries to play, he'll need surgery and would
be out into next season, I assume. But the team has no idea what is
going on now since he is just in the healing stage and once the season
ends the players are on their own and don't have to be in contact with
the team in any way. Clearly, Noah didn't check to get any permission.

I do believe Sam is wrong on Deng's international status, According to this link originally sent to me by suckfish from realgm (to which I've forwarded it to everyone I know since and will share it with you now).

will complete some formalities over his paperwork and the Bulls still
have to officially put pen to paper to give their approval to the plan.

minute Deng, 23, was left off the NBA's group insurance policy, the
agreement between the NBA and FIBA that requires all international
players to be released to play for their countries went out of the

And even though GB have now insured Deng's back against injury, the Bulls can still technically veto him playing.

Chicago have given their verbal commitment to release Deng and their
signature to the agreement should be a routine matter.

The key here is Deng is not included in the NBA's group insurance
policy. Normally a team has no say in international play, but this
article (from a British basketball site says differently). Also it's
worth noting (though I don't have the link handy, bad blogger, bad)
that Deng already said he would respect the Bulls wishes on whether he
can play for GB or not this season.
Sam Smith's blog is great though, so it's worth a read for all the
other interesting nuggets in it.



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