Rose also had a grade changed

Sources: Grade changed for Bulls star Rose

A grade on Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose's transcript was
changed from a D to a C by someone at Simeon Career Academy in the
final semester of his senior year, sources said today.

A month later, after colleges received Rose's doctored transcript,
the grade was changed back to D, according to sources and a report by
Chicago Public Schools inspector general's office. The report also
indicates the same fraud occurred with three other athletes, all of
whom went to Simeon, sources said.

In the wake of his SAT problems, it appears that Rose also had his grades changed.   I like the typical excuse making by the school.

at Simeon routinely used each others' codes, so we could not
specifically identify which employee made the changes," Sullivan said

Really?  You have no idea who did this?   I'm shocked.    Anyone have any ideas how the SAT thing happened?  Of course not.   I'm sure the coaching staff and Derrick Rose were both entirely ignorant of what was going on.

Anyway, it's probably best to get rid of the Derrick Rose, all around perfect human being, moniker early.   Some people will get really upset about this type of thing, and I don't blame them.   Cheating at any level has to bother you.

Still, I tend to look at it like this, if my daughter was going to Harvard to become a doctor, and they suddenly institued some new rule that she had to run a 4.5 40 to get into med school, I wouldn't be all that upset if she found someone to run it for her illegally.   Especially if I felt that 95% of the other elite med students were cheating the system in someway.

The run, simply isn't relevant to her performance as a doctor, much like Rose's SATs and HS grades aren't relative to his performance as a basketball player, and they were only changed so he could get a college basketball education due to an age limit rule put in place by the NBA.   The system forced him into a situation he wouldn't have been in otherwise.

Still, it's always disappointing to read these stories  Though from Derrick's perspective it's best to take the hit all at once, and get all of the bad news out of the way during the off-season when no one is paying much attention anyway.

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