Reinsdorf spends on Peavy, how about on Bulls?

So much has been made of the luxury tax and how the Bulls must avoid it like the plague, or how they will only pay it for a winner.    Enter Jake Peavy to the White Sox.   How can the same ownership group look Bulls fans in the eye after attempting to get Peavy and his massive salary for the sinking ship which is the White Sox.

You can't claim economics and then make this move for Peavy.   The Bulls have made almost four times as much money as the White Sox over the past decade.   Bear in mind as well, the White Sox actually won a title in this period while the Bulls have not.

The White Sox are not a winner this year.  They're not close to being one in the near future either.   Nor do they make nearly as much profit as the Bulls. 

If Reinsdorf (this has nothing to do with Forman/Paxson) does not approve luxury tax spending for Gordon then he loses all credibility with this Bulls fan.   You simply can't take on Peavy in this environment for that losing team and then tell me with a straight face we've got no money for Ben Gordon.


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  • Doug, is there a limit to how much luxury tax the Bulls can incur?

  • Doug, I've always argued that Reinsdorf isn't actually unwilling to spend money so much as he refuses to spend money in certain situations out of principle. He won't go over the luxury tax to sign Gordon not because he doesn't want to pay the money but because he doesn't believe in paying the luxury tax. Thus, I think a main reason he's spending more money on the Sox than the Bulls these days is that the luxury tax threshold in MLB is much higher than in the NBA.

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