Prospect of the Day - Chase Budinger

Chase Budinger,
Junior, Arizona,
NBA Position: SG/SF,
H: 6'7, W: 218, Age: 21

Chase Budinger's a prospect that I expected more out of than I got.   He'd have good size for a SG, but after watching him, I don't think he has the lateral quickness to defend the two, nor does he have the ball handling or first step to be a slasher as a two.   As a three, he has good, but not exceptional, size and should fit in better both defensively and offensively.

The team drafting Budinger will get a role player with well-defined
strengths.   He shoots well as a catch and shoot player, and he should
have no problems developing NBA three-point range.   Unfortunately, he
doesn't shoot well when pulling up off the dribble if he creates his
own shot or when coming around screens.   Initially, he'll project
largely as a guy to shoot kick outs.

He also plays very well in transition where he can finish and make the
right pass play for others.   His ball handling probably precludes him
from being great at leading the break on the next level.   His overall
floor game is very unselfish.   He moves the ball well, and can create
for others when using the pick and roll.    He has nice court vision,
good basketball IQ, and makes unselfish plays.  He should be able to
carve out a niche with whatever teams drafts him.

That wraps up Budinger's strengths.   The problem s are numerous
though.   He really isn't good in isolation at creating his own shot or
creating a shot for anyone else without a screen.   His ball handling
precludes him from being a real threat off the dribble as well.  
Offensively, the most improvement you're likely to get from Budinger is
if he can improve his shooting off of screens.

Defensively, he's not going to help out much.   His lateral quickness
is poor, and he gives up a lot of blowbys.  He's not a physical player
on either end of the court either and would help himself out if he
played a bit less softly.   Reading about him, I expected him to be
more athletic than he was.   If he has some extra athleticism in the
bag, he doesn't bring it out on the court in his play.   

The team that drafts Budinger will know what they're getting.   There
probably isn't much ceiling, but the floor is pretty high too, and the
fact that he'll fit in as a role player without needing to dominate the
ball is a bonus.    Budinger's likely to bring great value in the draft
in the 20s where he should be able to be a contributor for a team at a
draft slot that often yields players who can't contribute at all.


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  • His attributes complements Rose. He's someone that will be nice at the 16th pick. His attitude is great and he wants to learn according to the interview at Draftexpress. That interview got me rooting for him in a Bulls uniform.

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