Luol Deng to play for GB no matter what?

Deng ready to defy trainers, play for GB

"I recommended to him that he take the whole summer off and not even train
with me," Thorpe said. "But Luol told me that was not acceptable. There is
no way he is not going to help GB in some capacity. He will maybe not play
as many friendlies. He will maybe adjust his schedule after consulting with
Coach Finch and coming up with a plan that makes sense for everybody.

"Luol feels a sense of duty as far as GB is concerned but he also loves
playing for the team and in the style that Coach Finch plays. That's what's
driving Lu on and as soon as he is healthy, we will sit down with doctors
from the Bulls and from GB to come up with a plan."

Now at the end of the season, he said he would listen to the Bulls
doctors, and this article again points out that discuss something with
Bulls doctors as well, so we'll see.    This will also test the
hypothesis I put forth a couple days ago suggesting the Bulls can deny Deng from playing due to him not falling under the NBA group insurance policy.

I'm the Bulls, there is no way I say yes to him playing
internationally.   If they replace his legs with bionic parts and
guarantee he can't be injured, I'm still saying no until he has a
healthy season as a Bull.   Sorry Luol, it's time to step up and prove
you aren't on one of the top five worst contracts in the league before
you go get worn out playing for a different team.

To be clear,
I'm not upset that Luol wants to play internationally though.  I
understand it.  GB, literally, saved the life of him and his family.  
If someone or some entity saved the life of myself and family, I would
do anything to help repay that.   It's a sign of his character, in a
good way, that he wants to honor GB.  

Still, if I'm Bulls
ownership, I'm doing everything I can to prevent him from playing which
there seems to be some ambiguity over whether there is anything they
can do depending on which sourse you read.

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