If I ran the exit interivew - Derrick Rose

Hey Derrick, great rookie season. We're really happy with how you performed this year. We're going to be rebuilding the team to fit around you. However, there's still some problems. Look you have to get after it defensively more.   We all know how athletic you are, but you're just not playing so passively on defense that you're not using that athleticism.  You're going to be a star in this league, and stars get a lot of benefit of the doubt defensively, so start playing more aggressively even if you're making mistakes, make aggressive ones.

Every time you play with someone this summer just go after him as hard as possible defensively regardless of the result.  Just get used to applying pressure all the time.   We'll have your back if someone beats you, so trust your big men and make the guards work to get by you on the perimeter.

Next, the improvement of your shot this season has been remarkable already, but it's still going to be one of the big factors for you going forward so keep working on the shot.   You have to decide early on in the process whether you are ever going to be a three-point shooter, because right now, you don't have the arc necessary to ever shoot the three, and if you're going to rework your form to do it then it needs to be sooner rather than later.

We'll be happy even if you don't shoot the three though, so you don't need to make that your goal.   We don't want you to fall in love with the long range jumper anyway, so perfecting the mid range shot and working primarily on improving your off the dribble jumpers and pull up jumpers as a countermove to your slashing game is just fine.

We've also noticed there are times when you have blinders on when driving and seem to decide whether you're passing or shooting before you actually get into the lane and see what the best choice is.   Working on your driving this summer and have create some way to simulate a last second choice.   Perhaps using a couple guys standing around at different positions on the court who flash a green sign if you need to pass to them at the last second, and you shoot if no green sign comes up.   

The point is, as our PG, you need to find the open man when it's appropriate and pass when it's appropriate.   We're happy with where you are right now, but improvement here will separate you from being a good player and an elite player.

Finally, you're one of the most aggressive slashers in the NBA.   You take the ball to the rim more than just about anyone, except you're not getting the whistles.   You have to stop leaping to avoid contact and instead leap into defenders as they try to bail out of your way.   You'll get the whistles this year if you force the issue with the refs, so make sure to force it.  

We expect big things from you this summer and are excited to see how well you progress.  


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  • Pretty much hit the nail on the head. Defense, shooting, decision making while driving, and creating contact are all things that would help him a lot, should he improve upon them.

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