Gerald Henderson - Draft Capsule

NCAA BASKETBALL: MAR 26 Division I Mens Championship - Sweet 16 - Villanova v DukeGerald Henderson
Junior, Duke
NBA Position: SG
H: 6'5, W: 215, Age: 21

Henderson's combination of strong intangibles and present ability gives him a role player floor.   If nothing else, he'll come into the NBA and be able to defend at a high level right away.    How high is the ceiling after that though?

Starting off with his strengths, Henderson has good athleticism and was the best defender of the 15 or so prospects I've scouted to this point.   He stays in front of his man, gives up very few blowbys, switches well, and has good defensive instincts.   He's aggressive and disruptive as well, and should make a very positive impact on that end of the floor on the next level.

The next biggest positive in his game was his slashing, finishing, and foul drawing ability.   Especially towards the end of the season, Henderson became very aggressive attacking the basket, drawing fouls and getting his points at the basket.   Definitely not an ideal fit next to Derrick offensively, but he makes a solid defensive complement.

Unfortunately, Henderson lacks advanced ball handling moves, and he drives right far more effectively than left.    While not entirely one-handed, his ball off hand needs work for his driving ability to translate to the NBA where teams advanced scouting will defend him to the right.

Henderson's jumper needs work, and worse yet, he settles for jumpers quite frequently.    He took an inordinately large amount of long twos off the dribble in college, a horrible shot for him efficiency wise.    In the NBA, he won't have three point range initially, and he wasn't a great three point shooter in college either.    

Henderson has moments where he dominates as an offensive player, and he can definitely create his own shot which is always a big plus.    However, looking at his body of work, Henderson doesn't project out to be a strong offensive player in the NBA unless he improves his present skills considerably.

If Henderson winds up in a Bulls uniform, then he'll give them defense, athleticism, intangibles, and some upside.    Henderson projects to be gone before the Bulls selection on mocks, but if he's around then he fits the type of character the Bulls desire and complements Rose well defensively.     If he's on the board, expect the Bulls to bite.


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  • Sounds worse than Thabo, and we saw how that went...

  • He reminds me of Dwayne Wade a little. I wonder if he's really 6'5'' in shoes. I think he will develop into a All-Star.

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