Del Harris retiring

According to a K.C. Johnson article, Bulls assistant coach Del Harris will be retiring rather than returning to the Bulls next season.

The venerable coaching career of Del Harris will end shortly with the
announcement of his retirement after 50 years, according to a league

Harris turns 72 next month. His departure creates a
vacancy on Vinny Del Negro's coaching staff, which could be filled by
holdover Pete Myers or another candidate.

League sources said
former Bulls guard and current Sacramento Kings assistant Randy Brown
interviewed with Del Negro here at this week's NBA predraft camp,
although indications are Brown could be hired in a player development
role rather than coaching.

We heard rumors mid season from Jerry Reinsdorf that the Bulls weren't happy with the assistant coaching staff, so this doesn't come as a huge surprise. I'd also reported on my podcast last summer that VDN was running the show, and the Bulls weren't getting as much out of their assistants as they expected.

It's hard to feel too strongly about Randy Brown or Pete Myers without knowing what they're really doing. Myers was a long time company man who wasn't brought back though, so clearly he wasn't a superstar on the sidelines, or he wouldn't have been out in the first place. At the same time, he wouldn't be a long time company man if he were terrible either.

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