Bulls the new Phoenix Suns?

A couple of years ago when draftexpress asked players in Chicago what team they wanted to play for the consensus answer was the Phoenix Suns. Virtually every player at the combine would answer the Suns if they would give a preference at all.   Apparently all players feel they work best in an uptempo system where they get easy baskets. 

Hey, who doesn't like easy baskets?    Well it looks like the Terrence Williams apparently prefers the Bulls over other destinations:

"I would love to play for the Bulls," he told me. "I told them that in
the meeting. I told [Vinny] Del Negro that I would love to play for him
'cause I love their style and I love how Derrick Rose distributes the
ball as a young point guard. I love Ben Gordon, I love their young
players with [Joakim] Noah, [John] Salmons, I love everybody on their
team and I love the way they play. It fits my style. I'd love to play

Where the story gets stranger is that he's not alone.  Jonny Flynn also wants to be a Bull which is perhaps even crazier given that we have a franchise PG on the roster, and he looks like a guy who would develop into a starting caliber PG for a team which clearly wouldn't happen here.   Here are some various quotes from Flynn from a few different articles:

"They like my intensity and how I can push tempo. They said they'd been watching me awhile and like what they have seen. Hopefully I'll be there for them to draft."

"I think people get caught up on that too much," said Flynn, a point
guard out of Syracuse. "You can go in the top 10, but if it's not the
right situation, not the right fit for your style of game or your
personality, it'll be a long three years."

"You got Derrick Rose, Tyrus Thomas, Joakim Noah, a great bunch of guys there. The Bulls are on the uprise. You see them in the playoffs this year, they could've [knocked] Boston off. Just
being a team like that, where they get up and down the floor ... a playoff team, would be a great situation."

Maybe we're not the Phoenix Suns of two to three years ago, but it's nice to see at least a couple of players look at the Bulls and think "I want to be there".   Of course, Derrick Rose was the same way last year, so this may be two years in a row we get a player who's dying to end up here.

Flynn doesn't look like a guy who has any chance of being available at #16.   After watching most of the guys in the 10-30 range to create scouting reports, Flynn struck me as the #1 guy in that group by a wide margin.   In fact, if there are nine guys better than him in this draft then I don't see how it can be called a weak draft.   He looks like he has star potential to me.

Williams would be a good fit here, though he's no more than a role player on the next level at #16, in a weak draft, getting a role player is all the Bulls can realistically hope for.   

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  • Couldn't agree more Doug, what a change of pace to see players actually campaigning to become a Bull. I'm not exactly sure how a franchise that won six titles in eight years became such a second rate destination in so many players and coaches eyes.

    But things are finally starting to turn around and hopefully that same feeling translates into a big signing from the hyped 2010 free agent crop.

  • I think this shows why the Bulls went with Vinny. He's been bashed a lot but it seems like people love his system and a few more wins next year and we can start hearing FA say the same thing....

  • I think guys like the team because Vinny is a cool dude that relates a lot to younger players. Not only that, the prospects know that Rose is the leader of the team and his connections are making a wave affect. He played with these guys during his AAU years, plus they know he doesn't want the spotlight, he rather make their stat line look great.

  • I would definitely draft Terrence "KingBull" Williams. He majored in communications at Louisville, which he uses on the court to show he's a leader. No doubt he's tough, hard worker, and vocal. The only know knock in his game would be his jump shot release. Thabo couldn't find his shot which was crazy because the improvement wasn't there. TW clearly improved his jump shot during the tournament thanks to their coaching staff. It'll be nice to see him in a Bulls uni. Flynn on the other hand is interesting, you to love his spirit out there. I think he would make Rose game a lot more potent with that contagious confidence he rubs on his teammates. Either guy would be nice to add.

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