Bulls like James Johnson

Well this comes as no surprise to me, since you know I really like James Johnson.   However, DX confirms the Bulls are into Johnson as well.   He'd be an awesome fit if the unlikely event that the Shaq trade went through.

From Jonathan Givony's blog about the combine.  

-James Johnson is being knocked by some teams
for not being very impressive in their interview sessions, but others
are wondering if those are the same franchises that appear to be most
interested in him at this point. We're hearing that Phoenix at 14,
Detroit at 15 and Chicago at 16 all like him quite a bit, and there are
some question marks about whether there are smokescreens being placed
in order to cause him to fall.

"He was great in the interview we did with him. Seems like a really
nice kid," one team that sat down with him here in Chicago said. "I'm
not really sure where that stuff is coming from." Johnson is being
knocked by some for not always being terribly enthusiastic about
practice, and also for butting heads with Wake Forest head coach Dino
Gaudio and teammate Jeff Teague at times.

Johnson is my second favorite prospect of the guys I've reviewed from 10-30 or so.

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  • First off, great blog Doug. I believe you thought Johnson might be too small and/or unathletic to play PF in the NBA (I could be wrong on the unathletic part). I know it may be based on too many what-ifs, but how would a front court with Johnson and Shaq work? Johnson seemed more of an away from the basket player and facilitator at his position. In that since that would probably be a nice compliment to Shaq. Could you see Johnson spending time at the SF position to fill some of the void left from Deng's likely involvement in and Shaq deal?

    Thanks and keep up the great work.

  • He measured better than expected too. Legit 6'7 w/o and 6'8 with and 257lbs.... When you hear about the Bulls liking him and hear we wanna dump Deng it makes sense....

    Johnson has been my favorite for a while. This is the guy I want, just don't think he'll be there

  • Hey Doug, I was just wondering, since you James Johnson would you happen to have any insight as to the comments that Chad Ford made from the draft combine?

    "On the flip side, Wake Forest's James Johnson and Louisville's Terrence Williams have had some red flags in their background checks, according to several team sources. Teams would not give me details and insisted there is nothing criminal to report. However, terms like "high maintenance" and "chemistry problems" seem to be giving teams pause."

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