Big men on the move (again)

The Reports about Bosh / Amare potentially being available this summer continue to surface, and since I haven't bothered to discuss them, I figured I'd do so here:

Amare doesn't want to rebuild

J.A. Adande's sources say Raptors listening to teams about Bosh

I hope the Bulls can pull off a trade for either guy.  I think it will be awful difficult for that guy to be Chris Bosh, because if Miami says "Here's Beasley and filler" then I don't see how we top that.

I do think we have a great chance to pull off the deal with Amare
if we're willing to pay some tax money.   Jerome James + Tyrus + draft
picks or Amare and I think you might be done.   The cash savings and
some talent back may be as much as you need to do unless some other
team can offer way more cash savings (and wants to).

Amare could
easily kill your team for five years.  He strikes me as a guy who's
likely to be highly overrated and who won't play so well when he leaves
Phoenix.  I'm fearful of his knee acting up in a couple years, and I'm
not anxoius to commit the 100 million he'll probably want as an

At the same time, we're sure as hell not going to get
someone better than him, and he's young enough that he has a chance to
be good for the next five years.  I think you have to take the chance
if it's there even though there's a lot of risk involved.

Bosh should be a Bull without hesitation if the opportunity presents
itself, but I'm skeptical of it ever happening.   About the best we can
offer is Jerome James + Tyrus Thomas + Tim Thomas + 2 picks this year +
2011 pick for Bosh + Kapono.   A deal which gives them an okay prospect
three (likely bad) picks, and some cash savings.

should top that, but if not, I'm willing to go that far.   It will be
interesting to see how fast these situations resolve themselves and
whether Phoenix/Toronto look to cut bait now or take their chances
keeping their stars.

Gut feeling, Bosh stays in Toronto for another season.   Amare is traded somewhere.

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