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Now that Concealed Carry is the law of the land, will you be packing?

Now that it’s legal to carry a concealed weapon in Illinois, do you find yourself looking differently at your fellow Illinoisans? As a note of interest, according the the Government Printing Office, “Illinoisan” is the official name for people who live in Illinois. Other recognized demonyms-that’s what they’re called, “demonyms”-include Illinoisian, Illinoian, Sucker, Sand-hiller and... Read more »

Illinois' concealed carry law nears due date

Illinois lawmakers have until June 9 to come up with guidelines for its gun-toting citizenry. After that date, it could be argued that with no law in place, anyone not specifically prohibited from owning a firearm-like convicted felons-is allowed to carry a .38 Special in his or her waistband. Illinois AG, Lisa Madigan got an... Read more »

Art Van Furniture comes to Chicago: A lesson in policy

It’s not often you get to say that the government-federal, state or local-did something smart. Now that I think about it, I don’t remember EVER saying that, at least not with a straight face. The recent announcement that Warren, MI-based furniture retailer Art Van will be opening in Chicago flips on a light, albeit a... Read more »


As Illinois’ 97th General Assembly kicks the gay marriage can down to the 98th General Assembly (starting January 9, 2013), I can’t help but wonder why any state legislature should be called upon to consider such issues. Illinois has a $96 Billion black hole in its pension funding and is ranked 40th (out of 50)... Read more »

Superbowl Tuesday

Now I know how football widows feel on Superbowl Sunday, just hoping to survive fiestas in their family rooms so they can get back to life sans football. As election years go, this one seems to have gone on forever, starting with a GOP primary lineup from hell. I don’t know if it was Michelle... Read more »
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