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Gun control, the 2nd Amendment and the United States of Bumper Stickers

Gun control, the 2nd Amendment and the United States of Bumper Stickers
Excerpted from the upcoming Manifesto de Arjay: The 2nd Amendment is always fun to talk about and the discussions are usually pretty amicable between opposing opinions.  Like other topical issues such as abortion and same sex marriage, folks on both sides of the issue have no trouble understanding the other side’s point of view. And... Read more »

What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?

What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?
What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?    That’s a fair question, although it’s generally futile to try to differentiate between different kinds of idiots. Amidst the back drop of gun-toting Southerners, the title question seems to beg itself. I was imagining a guy on his way to Bible study that fateful... Read more »

Barack Obama: An easy man to hate

Some of the people who were bitter about the election of Barack Obama continue to resent his presidency post re-election and continue to deny the legitimacy of his presidency.  Even if I were the staunchest of Republicans, I don’t think I would be able to comprehend the anger. A democratically elected president is the foundation... Read more »

Murder in Chicago: Rahm's Waterloo, urban decay or poster city for gun control?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s popularity seems inversely correlated to Chicago’s rising murder rate. Riding a wave of positive momentum, Mayor Emanuel held his own in the aftermath of Chicago’s teacher strike. Karen Lewis, president of Chicago’s Teachers Union seemed to take the hit for that and now faces an uphill battle for re-election. High profile shootings... Read more »

Assault rifles are neccesary to keep the government on its toes

Jimmy Lee Dykes may be the poster boy for the National Rifle Association, Gayle Trotter and pot-bellied men making love to assault rifles everywhere. He is the quintessential angry man, consumed with fear and distrust and driven to extraordinary lengths to make his point about the evils of government. 65-year old Dykes, a Vietnam-era Navy... Read more »

In the wake of Sandy Hook: Gun control, Senator Feinstein and Joshua Boston, USMC

Nancy Lanza was a gun enthusiast and law-abiding, responsible citizen of Newtown, Connecticut who, seemingly posed no threat to her community.   Whether or not her son, Adam posed a discernible threat will be a matter of speculation ad nauseum.   What is not open to speculation is what Adam Lanza did with his mother’s... Read more »

Guns, guns and more guns: Life in Wayne's world

The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newport, Connecticut re-ignited our nation’s simmering conflict between those who insist on having guns and those who insist on taking them away, the stereotypical dispersion pitting right-wing gun advocates against left-wing pacifists. The reality being less simplistic, less well-defined, most of us probably fall somewhere in the... Read more »

Ben Stein and Mike Huckabee want more God in our schools

Ben Stein and Mike Huckabee represent one of the three main camps of deep thinkers who have a solution to the scourge of gun violence. Of the three camps, gun-control, mental health and religion, Huckabee’s and Stein’s prescriptions for “more God” in our schools seem the least likely to have any effect whatsoever and the... Read more »