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10 reasons you shouldn't vote for a black man for president

(In no particular order) How can you vote for a guy crazy enough to want to be the 2nd black president? Black presidents seem to create obstructionist legislators. There’s a bad moon rising and a black guy shouldn’t have to take the heat when the feces hit the fan. If a black guy can’t get... Read more »

Malaysia Flight 370 and the broken cycle of breaking news

The disappearance of Malaysia Flight 370 is, at this writing a mystery. What Vladimir Putin might or might not do next is also a mystery, but theories and wild speculation abound on both subjects. What’s more of a paradox than a mystery is what these two seemingly unrelated events have in common. The first thing the disappearance of... Read more »

Women come and women go, but TV is forever

In the 1979 movie, “Being There”, Chance, the gardener told Eve, the wealthy widow that he likes to watch.  I confess that I, too like to watch. Played by Shirley Maclaine, Eve was inquiring about Chance’s prurient interests.  Chance, played by Peter Sellers didn’t get the sexual inference and was merely saying that he likes... Read more »

Was Franklin Delano Roosevelt right about fear?

In his inaugural speech in 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt famously quipped that “…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Still recovering from the first World War and struggling to claw its way out of the Great Depression, America was, indeed a nation in fear. Franklin’s “fear” speech is often confused with his... Read more »

Cubs f**kin' suck and I'm gonna kill you

The Cubs do kind of suck, but when I’m out of town and people ask me if I’m a Cubs fan or a Sox fan, I always say that I’m a Cubs fan. It’s kind of true. If you’ve been to Wrigley Field in the past 10 years, you know that it’s a little dilapidated.... Read more »

Some questions are VERY stupid

At the start of almost every class, seminar, meeting, etc, the person at the front of the room reassuringly tells everyone that there’s no such thing as a stupid question.  Sometimes they say that the the only stupid questions are the ones you don’t ask.   What a load of crap. Whether they’re trying to encourage... Read more »

Things you should stop "just saying"

There are things we should all stop saying and most of us know exactly what they are. Many of us don’t realize that we’re saying these things and some of us cringe each time we hear them come out of our mouths. It’s usually a lot easier to detect flaws in other people than in... Read more »

Immigration Reform for Evelyn and Filipe

The 113th Congress is on vacation now, part of a 239-day vacation package they worked out for themselves for 2013. I’ll leave the math to you, but there’s only 365 days in a year.  Even GW, our most-vacationed president in history only took 1,020 days off over his 8-year tenure. Vacations are a good time... Read more »

George Zimmerman redux: 4 more jurors and Jimmy Carter weigh in

Jimmy Carter rocked liberal waters this morning saying that the jury in the George Zimmerman’s 2nd Degree Murder trial made the right decision.  Not a fan of Jimmy’s since the onset of his anti-Semitic sojourn in 1999, I wondered if the Mad Cow had finally caught up to him. It turns out that Carter was... Read more »

The NSA whistleblower has disappeared

Edward Snowden, the man who leaked the story about the NSA’s far reaching data gathering is supposedly holed up in Hong Kong and seeking some kind of asylum in Iceland. I know what you’re thinking, so let’s get that out of the way right off the bat. If the NSA (CIA, FBI or any of... Read more »