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Pope Frances is going to have to say a few more Hail Marys and a heartfelt mea culpa

Pope Frances is going to have to say a few more Hail Marys and a heartfelt mea culpa
Friday’s piece on the Pope’s punch brought the Pope a lot more consternation than it did me.  Whew!  Apparently, I went too easy on the guy. “How dare he say that it’s OK to slug someone if you don’t like what he says?”   “How dare he think he has the right to put limits on... Read more »

The Pope would think me a provacateur if I told him what to do to himself and the horse he rode in on

The Pope would think me a provacateur if I told him what to do to himself and the horse he rode in on
I know what you’re thinking.  The end of the title should read, “the horse on which he rode.”  Sorry, syntax was never my forte. As Ed Schultz likes to say, “Let’s get to work.” On an airplane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean yesterday, Pope Francis told journalists that he would punch a man-specifically, his friend,... Read more »

Don't hate me because I'm an atheist

Wednesday’s blog created a bit of stir and I’d like to revisit that today.  I did not wake up Wednesday morning with the intention of doing any kind of religious thing, it just worked out that way. I certainly didn’t realize the threat that atheism poses to our very existence. It started out with this... Read more »

I gave up religion for Lent, but that was many Easters ago

“I gave it up for Lent” is a popular expression here in America, maybe around the world.  From what I’ve seen over the years, it’s an expression that seems as much in-or out of-vogue among Christians and non-Christians alike. I’m sure that many observant Christians really do give up something for Lent.  Maybe it’s meat,... Read more »

Hobby Lobby isn't just your hobby headquarters

Hobby Lobby customers may soon be required to sign a compliance form, indicating that their religious views coincide with those of David Green, CEO and founder of the company. Beyond that, the 95-page Opinion of the Court (SCOTUS) delivered by Justice Alito may have far-reaching, unforeseen and unintended consequences for years to come. I had... Read more »

Abdulrahman Zeitoun changed the way I think about Muslims

Abdrulrahman Zeitoun-Zeitoun to his family and friends-is a naturalized American citizen who emigrated to the United States from Syria.  The trials and tribulations he experienced in New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina are documented in Dave Eggers’ book, Zeitoun. As an American Jew, I have a natural antipathy toward the Arab world.  That... Read more »

Cardinal George defends handling of pedophile priests

Chicago’s Francis Cardinal George will be remembered for two over-riding themes in his tenure as head of the Chicago Archdiocese, administrator of the largest parochial school system in the world.  His main theme is a relentless condemnation of all things homosexual, especially gay marriage. His other cause, steadfastly championed by the 50-year priest is concealing... Read more »

Cardinal George adds his sacramental wafers to Illinois' legalization of gay marriage

Chicago’s Francis Cardinal George spoke out yesterday on the impending enactment of Illinois’ new gay marriage law.  In his latest diatribe, as the battle against legalizing gay marriage in Illinois ends in defeat, Cardinal George issued a dire warning for the fall of civilization. On Wednesday, November 20, 2013, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn will sign... Read more »

9/11/2013 - Islam, the TSA and our grand illusion of security

The Transportation Security Administration was created in the wake of events on this date in 2001 under the authority of The Aviation and Transportation Security Act, passed by Congress and signed on November 19, 2001. The name itself seems a bit over-reaching, but the fledgling agency was transferred from the Department of Transportation in March... Read more »

Anti-terrorism class canceled because instructor identifies likely terrorists

An anti-terrorism class for Lombard’s police force was canceled because of protests from the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Read it here. The organization determined that instructor, Sam Kharoba was both biased against Muslims and not qualified to teach anti-terrorism.   A spokesman for C.A.I.R. was unable to specify what would qualify one to teach anti-terrorism,... Read more »
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