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Anti-terrorism class canceled because instructor identifies likely terrorists

An anti-terrorism class for Lombard’s police force was canceled because of protests from the Council on American-Islamic Relations. Read it here. The organization determined that instructor, Sam Kharoba was both biased against Muslims and not qualified to teach anti-terrorism.   A spokesman for C.A.I.R. was unable to specify what would qualify one to teach anti-terrorism,... Read more »

Memorial Day

A decade before I was born 2,400 American service men and women perished during the attack on Pearl Harbor, drawing us into a global conflict. By the end of World War II that number would exceed 400,000. Not to be confused with Veterans Day, which is a tribute to all who have served our nation,... Read more »

Barack Obama: An Easy Man To Hate

Some of the people who were bitter about the election of Barack Obama continue to resent his presidency post re-election and continue to deny the legitimacy of his presidency.  Even if I were the staunchest of Republicans, I don’t think I would be able to comprehend the anger. A democratically elected president is the foundation... Read more »


Many of us in America have a special place in our hearts for the men and women of our Armed Forces.  Historians agree that if it were not for the intervention of America in WW II much of the world as we know it today would be speaking German and Japanese.   Tom Brokaw wrote... Read more »

Post-Thanksgiving Thoughts: Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and JFK

At Thanksgiving dinners across the nation yesterday, many Americans shared thoughts of gratitude over cranberries and stuffing.  Some, most I would hope made mention of our troops in harms way and expressed wishes for their safe return. After more than 11 years in Afghanistan, America and her soldiers have grown weary.  As a nation we’ve... Read more »