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3 reasons why ISIS is a BIG deal

ISIS-or ISIL, if you prefer is not only the real deal, it’s a very BIG deal.  First things first, though, let’s figure out what to call them. The actual Arabic name transliterated into our linguistic lexicon would be “al dawla al islamiyye f’il iraq w’al sham.”  The first part means “Islamic State of Iraq and”…’s... Read more »

The President wasn't wearing a tie

I was watching FOX News last night-I know, right?-and a round table of anchors/pundits/bobbleheads was discussing President Obama’s reaction to the barbaric beheading of journalist, James Foley. Let’s face it.  All those Islamist animals, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Taliban…whatever they call themselves.  They have no regard for human life, much less human rights or dignity.  They... Read more »

We must destroy Israel and annhialate the Jews

You may find the headline of my little blog-thing horrifying, but keep it in mind.  It is the guiding principle and driving force of the terrorist organization known as Hamas. Hindered by political correctness, we talk about the plight of the Palestinians and legitimize their claims of victimization even as they plot genocide and the... Read more »

Israel, Gaza, the missiles of Hamas and my young friend, Phillip

Israel’s retaliation for relentless missile strikes from Gaza once again remind us that the most dangerous thing in the Middle East is a tiny nation of Jews trying only to survive. Surrounded by hostile Arab states and outnumbered 100 to 1, Israel has created an oasis of life in a desert wasteland. From an area... Read more »