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What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?

What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?
What kind of an idiot brings a gun to Bible study?    That’s a fair question, although it’s generally futile to try to differentiate between different kinds of idiots. Amidst the back drop of gun-toting Southerners, the title question seems to beg itself. I was imagining a guy on his way to Bible study that fateful... Read more »

Charleston, South Carolina is no Bus Stop

Charleston, South Carolina is no Bus Stop
In the Hollies’ song, Bus Stop the lyrics say, “That umbrella, we employed it By August, she was mine.”  Did you ever wonder what the heck he was doing with that umbrella that made her his? Maybe that’s just a silly song from another time. Not too many things are that silly, anymore. By now... Read more »

Ebola? We don't need no stinkin' Ebola

Sunday’s blog about Ebola being treated at the Texas governor’s mansion drew some scary comments.  I guess that’s only fitting, Ebola’s a scary thing. The focus of the emails fell into three main categories.  One was my frivolous treatment of Ebola in general, while the other two categories concerned my irreverent and/or sarcastic comments about... Read more »

Now that Concealed Carry is the law of the land, will you be packing?

Now that it’s legal to carry a concealed weapon in Illinois, do you find yourself looking differently at your fellow Illinoisans? As a note of interest, according the the Government Printing Office, “Illinoisan” is the official name for people who live in Illinois. Other recognized demonyms-that’s what they’re called, “demonyms”-include Illinoisian, Illinoian, Sucker, Sand-hiller and... Read more »

Violent crime is down in Chicago

Violent crime in Chicago is on the wane.   Hard to believe, but it’s true.  At least it’s true if you believe statistics coming out of the Chicago Police Department, and  I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Click here for details Some critics of the CPD have dismissed the report, and the... Read more »

Chicago: Guns and roses at the OK Corral

Chicago’s history is rich with guns, violence and bloodshed. From post-Civil War cowboys bringing their cattle to our stockyards to the Haymarket Riot of 1886 to gangland shootouts of the Prohibition Era, business disputes in Chicago seem to have always gotten settled with the six-gun, the Tommy Gun and now the Glock. In a 1920... Read more »

George Zimmerman had the gun in his hand BEFORE he confronted Trayvon Martin

There’s only one plausible scenario that fits the known facts of the altercation between George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin. Zimmerman had his gun in his hand when he first confronted Martin, whose fight or flight reflex launched him into a battle for his life. In an effort to show that Zimmerman would not have started... Read more »

Assault weapons avoid the axe as Illinois joins Concealed Carry Nation

Overriding Governor Quinn’s veto and proposed changes to the bill, the Illinois legislature voted concealed carry into law on Tuesday as required by the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. The Court had previously ruled that Illinois’ ban on concealed weapons was in violation of the Second Amendment set a July 9th... Read more »

Hofstra student killed by police during break-in

A 20-year veteran of the NYPD and Nassau County Police Department was forced to draw and fire his weapon in the line of duty last week, leaving both a home invader and his hostage, 21-year-old Hofstra College junior, Andrea Rebello dead.   Read story here The tragedy for the Rebello family is almost unspeakable. Using it... Read more »

Illinois' concealed carry law nears due date

Illinois lawmakers have until June 9 to come up with guidelines for its gun-toting citizenry. After that date, it could be argued that with no law in place, anyone not specifically prohibited from owning a firearm-like convicted felons-is allowed to carry a .38 Special in his or her waistband. Illinois AG, Lisa Madigan got an... Read more »