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We must destroy Israel and annhialate the Jews

You may find the headline of my little blog-thing horrifying, but keep it in mind.  It is the guiding principle and driving force of the terrorist organization known as Hamas. Hindered by political correctness, we talk about the plight of the Palestinians and legitimize their claims of victimization even as they plot genocide and the... Read more »

Hobby Lobby isn't just your hobby headquarters

Hobby Lobby customers may soon be required to sign a compliance form, indicating that their religious views coincide with those of David Green, CEO and founder of the company. Beyond that, the 95-page Opinion of the Court (SCOTUS) delivered by Justice Alito may have far-reaching, unforeseen and unintended consequences for years to come. I had... Read more »

Hobby Lobby isn't just your hobby headquarters anymore

Even though the outcome of this case was highly predictable, it still has me scratching my head.  It may take a few more days for me to come up with anything clever to say about it. In the mean time, here’s something from a fellow ChicagoNow blogger who was able to think of some interesting... Read more »

Women come and women go, but TV is forever

In the 1979 movie, “Being There”, Chance, the gardener told Eve, the wealthy widow that he likes to watch.  I confess that I, too like to watch. Played by Shirley Maclaine, Eve was inquiring about Chance’s sexual preferences.  Chance, played by Peter Sellers didn’t get the reference and was merely saying that he likes to... Read more »

Motorcycle helmets suck and so do people who insist on telling me I should wear one

Motorcycle helmet laws suck for two reasons.  The first reason is that it’s nobody’s business if I want to hop on my motorcycle and feel the wind in my hair.  The government shouldn’t be involved in decisions I make about my own safety. The second reason that helmet laws suck is that helmets suck. OK,... Read more »

Don't send me a Father's Day card if I'm not your father

Please don’t send me a Father’s Day card unless you know for certain that I’m your father.  For about 100% of you reading this, I know that will not be the case. I only have two children, so by the tenets of common sense and the indomitable force of critical thinking, I am only expecting... Read more »

California Chrome, California dreamin' and the harsh reality of Elmont, New York

California Chrome, winner of this year’s Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes failed to win racing’s Triple Crown Saturday, tying instead for 4th place in the Belmont Stakes. Held 5 weeks after the the Kentucky Derby and 3 weeks after the Preakness, the mile and a half Belmont Stakes is run at Belmont Park in Elmont,... Read more »

Bowe Bergdahl is on his way home. Should we send him back?

As Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl makes his way back home to Hailey, Idaho, the rest of America is pondering his release from the Taliban with mixed reviews. Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) took the President to task yesterday for failing to inform Congress of the prisoner swap negotiated to free Bergdahl.  Regarding Bergdahl, Feinstein... Read more »

Anne Frank: We are failing her once again

Anne Frank died more than 69 years ago in the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in Germany.  Her death came 3 months before her 16th birthday. Recent studies of records kept meticulously by the Nazis during World War II now tell us that the number of Jews who perished during the Holocaust is closer to 7 million... Read more »

Michael Sam's kiss leaves much to be desired

Images of Michael Sam jubilantly kissing his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano reached saturation point on network news, ESPN and Twitter.  The occasion was Sam being picked up by the St. Louis Rams in the 7th round of the NFL Draft. Good for him.  Sam is the first openly gay athlete to be signed to a professional... Read more »
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