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Chris Christie is tired of hearing about the minimum wage. Aren't we all?

At a U.S. Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Tuesday, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie addressed the issue of minimum wage in America.  It was not reported what he ate for lunch, but I quote the governor as follows: “I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage. I really am. I don’t think there’s a mother... Read more »

Ebola? We don't need no stinkin' Ebola

Sunday’s blog about Ebola being treated at the Texas governor’s mansion drew some scary comments.  I guess that’s only fitting, Ebola’s a scary thing. The focus of the emails fell into three main categories.  One was my frivolous treatment of Ebola in general, while the other two categories concerned my irreverent and/or sarcastic comments about... Read more »

Texas Ebola patients to be treated at governor's mansion

In an unprecedented move, Texas Governor Rick Perry has informed health care officials that all new cases of Ebola will be moved to Austin and quarantined at the governor’s mansion. Apparently, a secret infectious disease ward was built in the basement of the mansion during the rehab that followed an attempt to burn it down... Read more »

John Oliver, Ben Affleck and the Game of Drones: Part II

If you read last week’s piece under the same title, you probably know where this is going. If you’re bothered by a culture that seems to have spawned an over-representation of violent, reactionary sociopaths, you may want to read on.  Or maybe not. I ended that piece before turning my attention to Mr. Ben Affleck.... Read more »

Thomas Eric Duncan and Jesse Jackson: Strange bedfellows of Ebola

There’s no evidence that Thomas Eric Duncan ever met Jesse Jackson, but he has posthumously become the reverend’s best friend. Jackson says that Duncan’s family contacted him because they were having trouble getting answers from the doctors and hospital staff where Duncan was in quarantined treatment. The family said that they felt isolated, an interesting... Read more »

John Oliver, Ben Affleck and the Game of Drones

I’m a big fan of John Oliver, always have been.  He’s witty, insightful and has a keen sense of irony. Ben Affleck did a great job as Daredevil and I think he’ll be a pretty good Batman, although Michael Keaton has been my favorite, so far. Oliver and Affleck have one thing in common that... Read more »

"That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet"

The quote in the title is, of course from Act II, Scene II of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.  The words, spoken by Juliet were an attempt to get Romeo to shed his family name, Montague so that the two young lovers could enjoy a happy ever-after. As a modern-day Shakespeare might put it, that was... Read more »

Don't hate me because I'm an atheist

Wednesday’s blog created a bit of stir and I’d like to revisit that today.  I did not wake up Wednesday morning with the intention of doing any kind of religious thing, it just worked out that way. I certainly didn’t realize the threat that atheism poses to our very existence. It started out with this... Read more »

I gave up religion for Lent, but that was many Easters ago

“I gave it up for Lent” is a popular expression here in America, maybe around the world.  From what I’ve seen over the years, it’s an expression that seems as much in-or out of-vogue among Christians and non-Christians alike. I’m sure that many observant Christians really do give up something for Lent.  Maybe it’s meat,... Read more »

ISIS scores a major victory in the Senate, gets 72 votes

ISIS has accomplished something that President Obama hasn’t been able to do on his own for the past 6 years.  They’ve scored a true, bi-partisan majority vote in the United States Senate. So Herculean was this effort, that Congress left Washington exhausted,  prescribing itself a full 7 weeks to recover. While not as exciting as... Read more »
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