Is Brett Fryar crazy or is civil war inevitable?

Is Brett Fryar crazy or is civil war inevitable?

If you google Brett Fryar, you'll find that he's a 50-year old chiropractor in Lubbock, Texas.  Checking his reviews, which average 1.5 out of 5, the first thing that pops up labels Fryar as a quack and a crook.

Could a quack and a crook find a better cult leader than Donald Trump?

Fryar is a member of group called the South Plains Patriots, consisting of a few hundred Trumpsters, a few dozen of whom, including Fryar and his son, Caleb are hard core (insert your own pejorative).

For whatever reason, these (your pejorative here) are convinced that Trump won the election.  They are prepared for civil war and swallow Trump's race bait hook, line and sinker.

Fryar has been quoted as saying, If President Trump comes out and says: ‘Guys, I have irrefutable proof of fraud, the courts won’t listen, and I’m now calling on Americans to take up arms,’ we would go.

To them, the fact that Trump's legal teams have been thrown out of courtrooms across the country is just proof of a rigged system.

They don't get that the courts aren't listening because there is no proof, no evidence and the claims are ridiculous.

With limited access to reality, they may not be aware that Trump's lunatic lawyer, Rudy Giuliani told a Pennsylvania judge that they were not alleging fraud or voter irregularities.  They just want all non-Trump votes thrown out.

Guys, remember when Trump said that he had proof that Barack Obama was born in Kenya?  When he said he would release his tax returns?  When he said Mexico would pay for the wall and China would pay the tariffs?

All lies, dudes.  Pop a Bud Light and take a deep breath.  Donald Trump is not worth dying for.

His own Department of Homeland Security vouched for the legitimacy of the election.

75% of Trump voters, maybe even Republicans in general believe Trump’s baseless claims.

The irony we're left with is that I'm sitting here wondering how the hell 73 million people could possibly vote for a proven liar, a puppet of a hostile foreign power, a corrupt, self-dealing scumbag intent on the destruction of America while they're sitting in their pickup trucks thinking that it's impossible for 79 million people to have voted for Joe Biden.

The difference is, I believe Donnie got that many votes.  I just can't figure out why.  Trumpsters refuse to accept any outcome of the election that doesn't give Don the Con a second term.  Maybe even a third and fourth.

Until we turn off the propaganda machines (Fox, OAN, Sinclair, Newsmax, etc) and make truth mandatory, we can't reach these people.  They live in a fact free zone and eat up the tainted red meat Trump tosses their way.

Now I'm not trying to single out Brett Fryar here.  Most people seem to equate chiropractic with quackery, anyway.  If you're looking for a chiro in Lubbock, Texas, though, his 1.5 rating should give you pause.

Fryar's not even unique in his irrational allegiance and subservience to a would be dictator.  He's in the company of millions.  Probably tens of millions.

At this point, I would only suggest to my fellow Libs that you may want to reconsider your opposition to assault weapons.  There may very well be an assault in our future.

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