Pants on fire: Forest raking and other myths

Pants on fire:  Forest raking and other myths

The featured image above shows major wildfire activity in 12 western states.  The ones we hear the most about are California, Oregon and Washington, mostly because of those fires' proximity to heavily populated areas.

While it's completely irrelevant, 7 of those states have Democratic governors and 5 have Republican  governors.  People sheltered inside the Fox bubble tend to believe the bizarre notion that all disasters, natural and man-made are somehow caused by Barack Obama, the Clintons or Democrats, Liberals and Progressives in general.

While those theories are intellectually dishonest and grotesque on their face, don't forget that we live in the age of QAnon, which is slowly becoming a mainstream tribe within the Republican Party.  Their platform is that our country is run by baby eating, Hollywood pedophiles from which only Donald Trump can save us.

Hysteria alert:  A new conspiracy has emerged that's based on the premise that wildfires only occur in the United States (obviously false) and that someone, somehow reaps huge rewards from their deliberate ignition.  For some FACTUAL information, click HERE.

Fires need three things to get started: Warm weather, fuel and ignition.  Weather is provided by Mother Nature and 2020 will be the hottest year on record.  The years from 2016 thru 2020 will be the hottest five year period ever recorded.

The polar ice caps are melting and anyone living near a shore line can attest to the fact of rising tides.  Miami streets are often underwater during dry weather.  This is already one of the worst hurricane seasons we've ever had and there's still six weeks to go. Hurricanes are more frequent and more powerful than ever before.

In Alaska the permafrost is melting.  PERMA-fucking-frost, so named because it was supposed to stay frozen PERMANENTLY.  Houses are literally sinking into the ground.

If you're in the bubble, you're going to have to reach outside your comfort zone to read about that stuff.

The fuel is a mix of natural growth and man made structures.  The West has experienced severe drought, providing dry timber and brush for fire to consume.  Flammable structures built too close to wooded areas as civilization expands provides plenty of fuel, as well.

Spring and summer supply ignition in the form of lightning strikes and storm activity has only increased over the years.  July 4, for obvious reasons (fireworks) begins the season of human provided ignition.

One major fire was recently caused by pyrotechnics displayed during a gender reveal party, whatever that is.

Add to that mix more powerful and more sustained winds than ever before and it doesn't take a scientist (you still believe in science, don't you) to predict more frequent and more severe wildfires which tend to destroy national forest, which is under the auspices of the Department of Agriculture, not state governors.

Wildfires have already destroyed more acreage than they did in the entire fire season last year and the prognosis is that we can only expect it to get worse.  Some 20,000 fire fighters are trying to defend millions of acres of forest and they are outmatched by some of the greatest forces on Earth.

The notion that Democratic governors somehow benefit from these wildfires is beyond ridiculous, beyond reason or logic and as nonsensical as suggesting that "raking" forests is the solution.

Sometimes though, if I close my eyes, I can imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger tossing a lighted match into some dry brush saying, Hasta la vista, baby.

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