Stupid people may believe Trump's nonsense about having coronavirus "well controlled," but savvy market investors know he's full of crap

Stupid people may believe Trump's nonsense about having coronavirus "well controlled," but savvy market investors know he's full of crap

To start, I'd like to apologize if you're offended by the notion that you have to be stupid to believe one single word out of Donald John Trump's mouth.

I'm sorry because you should have already known that.

If you ever get a chance to read ANYTHING or find ANY news source other than Fox, you would know that very little of what Donald John Trump says bears even the slightest relationship to facts or truth.

You believe him when he denies what should be blatantly obvious to furniture, that man's output of carbon and methane into the atmosphere is, at the very least hastening climate change at a dangerous rate.

Now you believe him when he tells you that he's got a rapidly spreading pandemic "well controlled." Shame on you.

Trump doesn't read, doesn't sit for presidential briefings and doesn't listen to anyone but Vladimir Putin and conspiracy theorists like Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin.

What possible sense could it make to believe a goon like Donald John Trump over the ENTIRE WORLDWIDE SCIENTIFIC COMMUNITY?

Shame on you.

Donald John Trump fired the CDC PANDEMIC RESPONSE TEAM (all of them) in 2018 and wants to cut another 16% from the CDC budget.  Hannity probably omitted that from his "newscasts."

The Trump administration is missing senior (nonpartisan) officials in crucial departments across the board, even in the Department of Homeland Security.  Most of the people "in charge" are in acting positions and unqualified for those roles.

That's what happens when you have a president whose sole object is to surround himself with people loyal ONLY to him, regardless of their competence.

You can, if you choose continue to believe Donald John Trump, in spite of what you can see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears.  To you, reality is only a TV show, anyway.

The stock market, Trump's proud measure of "success" is telling you something different, though. It's telling you that Donald John Trump is full of crap.

Investors and market mavens were willing to overlook Trump's crimes, ignorance and lies because his tax cuts to the rich made them even richer.

Almost immediately after Trump's economic adviser, Larry Kudlow came out and said that the coronavirus was well contained, the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 800 points.

Besides all his pomposity and inanity, Kudlow is most famous for touting housing stocks leading up to the crash of 2008.

You can believe Donald John Trump if you want to, but you should believe this, as well:  We have not heard the last of the coronavirus here in these United States.

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