Trump's shutdown reveals the soft underbelly of his so-called "great" economy

Trump's shutdown reveals the soft underbelly of his so-called "great" economy

If you're my (one) Trumpster reader, your first thought here is that the shutdown belongs to the Democrats. To Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Maybe Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.

That's what Fox News wants you to believe, but take a breath and consider the following:

1. On December 11, 2018 - eleven days before the shutdown - Donald Trump told Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Weekend-at-Bernie's wannabe Mike Pence ON NATIONAL TV that he would be HAPPY to shutdown the government.

To see that with YOUR OWN EYES, click HERE.

2. On December 20, 2018, the Republican controlled Senate passed a bill - almost unanimously - that would have kept the government open.  A bill that Donald Trump had already agreed to sign.

THEN, Ann Coulter called Trump a pussy, so he went back on his word to Mitch McConnell.

3. The shutdown began on December 22, 2018, while Republicans controlled ALL THREE BRANCHES of government.

The shutdown started twelve days BEFORE the Democratic marauders took over the House of Representatives.

Twelve days before Nancy Pelosi was elected Speaker of the House.

The House and the Senate have passed similar bills to open the government, but Donald Trump won't play unless he gets his wall. The wall that he promised would be paid for by Mexico.

Only one man can put an end to this shutdown like that (I just snapped my fingers); Donald Trump.

We'll talk more about the wall next week.

Meanwhile, Chef Jose Andres is preparing meals for federal workers who are not getting paid and can not afford to feed themselves or their families.

Andres is well known as the founder of World Central Kitchen, an organization that feeds the homeless and victims of disasters. And now federal workers who are being forced to work for FREE.

Federal employees are eating at soup kitchens, shopping at food pantries and calling in sick because they can't afford gas for their cars or child care.

All this instant poverty was caused by just one missing paycheck from what should be the world's most reliable employer.

According to a 2017 report by employment website CareerBuilder, 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.  That doesn't say much for America's "middle class."

When I was a kid, middle class was a single income family of four with two cars and an annual two-week vacation.  Not so much, anymore.

Automation and a shifting economy put the squeeze on the middle class.

After the crash of 2008 - a crisis brought on by the 1% doing bad things to the 99% - American companies learned to produce more with fewer employees.

Donald Trump's shutdown has exposed what many have been saying all along, that this is a fragile economy.  Even with unemployment below 4%, this is not the raging job machine that Trump would like you to believe.

People are working more and making less.

It turns out that giving the uber rich a $2 Trillion tax break only works for the uber rich.

Financial distress, like shit, flows downhill.  One family's problems become the community's problems and on and on it goes. The longer it lasts, the worse it gets and the harder it will be to recover.

That, Mr. President is trickle down economics.

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