Did Susan Collins have a consciencectomy or did she overdose on the Kool-Aid?

Did Susan Collins have a consciencectomy or did she overdose on the Kool-Aid?

Consciencectomy - the complete removal of one's conscience

Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has often been a reasonable voice in the maelstrom of hyperpartisan constipation.

I liked Senator Collins. Now I question her choice of speech writers as well as her choice of Supreme Court justices.

Collins said something on Sunday that sounded like she didn't know the meaning of quid pro quo.

Maybe it's what happens when you're willing to twist yourself into any kind of pretzel necessary to rationalize complicity.

When asked about the Facebook campaign to fund a challenger to Collins' 2020 reelection bid if she voted for Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation, Collins accused the organizers of trying to buy her vote.

According to Collins it was a classic case of quid pro quo.

No, Senator Collins, it wasn't. There was no quid and there was no quo. Nobody was offering you anything for your vote.

What the $2 Million anti-Collins campaign represents is a threat, which is the very thing that makes Republicans turn a blind eye to the lies, bigotry and criminality of a vulgarian whose supporters follow him like he was Jim Jones.

It's the threat of being primaried by a more pro-Trump, right wing nutjob that makes Republilcans toe the Trump line.

You could call the anti-Collins campaign extortion, but that's just another name for politics. If you don't vote our way, we'll find someone who will.

Collins' paranoid perception may explain her acceptance of Kavanaugh's angry, paranoid and partisan opening statement at the hearing last week.

In her massively deceptive speech on the floor of Congress Friday afternoon, Collins attempted to convince her voters that she believed both Christine Blasey Ford's accusations against Brett Kavanaugh and his feeble denial.

As diplomatic as that might sound, those two beliefs are mutually exclusive. Only one of them is telling the truth and only one of them has incredible incentive to lie.

I wrote all I want to write about Kavanaugh in Brett Kavanaugh should only be allowed in court as a defendant, but he is stain on an already too partisan court.

Kavanaugh got a lifetime appointment to a $255,000 a year job on the most prestigious court in the world. It's icing on the cake that he gets to advance the ultra conservative agendas of the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society.

Denying Kavanaugh that appointment would not have ruined his life, as Senator Collins claimed.  He would have gone back to his other lifetime appointment on the second most prestigious court in the world.

The one thing we may never know is what Donald Trump promised Kavanaugh to protect Trump from Robert Mueller.

Senator Collins said there was no proof to corroborate Dr. Ford's allegations.  That's a great talking point, but they weren't in a court of law and reasonable doubt is a two way street.

On 60 Minutes Sunday Night, Collins said that she believed that Dr. Ford was mistaken about the identity of her attacker, which is polite for calling Dr. Ford a liar, but it's beside the point.

Brett Kavanaugh proved himself to be a paranoid, volatile, emotional and vindictive partisan.   No rational person could have watch his opening statement and concluded that he was qualified to judge a beauty contest.

Sure, Kavanaugh was under pressure, but so was Dr. Ford and she didn't go off the deep end.

Kavanaaugh was in his element and his near hysterical remarks were prepared.  And rehearsed.

His treatment of Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) was particularly sexist and disdainful.

The real question may be the validity of Senator Collin's pro-life credentials.

If she thinks, as she has stated, that Brett Kavanaugh is going to support a woman's right to be in charge of her own reproductive health because of something called "precedent," then she is either a bonehead or a boneheaded liar.

The people of Maine are watching, Senator Collins.  You are not fooling anyone.

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