Donald Trump will never be strong enough to weild the real power of the presidency

Donald Trump will never be strong enough to weild the real power of the presidency

Donald Trump may serve eight years in office, but he will never discover the true power of the presidency.

Trump lionizes strong men and envisions himself in their company. He dreams of his head carved into a Mount Rushmore-like hilltop alongside Putin, Duterte, Erdogan and Mohammed bin Salman.

Breaking news:  When Trump runs for reelection, he will refuse to do any debates with his Democratic opponent because he can't afford to have his lies challenged in a neutral setting.


Donald Trump is not a strong man, but a very weak, insecure and petty man.

Trump is so weak that he is unable to use the most significant power the Founding Fathers embedded into the presidency, the power to lift people.

Trump only thinks of presidential power in the ways in which it benefits and protects him.  Things like executive privilege and the almighty pardon.  He never thinks of his presidency as a way of helping others.

The President of the United States has the power to offer hope to millions of Americans as well as hundreds of millions around the world.  In the wrong hands, that power can easily be abused and misused.

Donald Trump's (tiny) hands are the wrong hands.

The American presidency is like the legendary sword, Excalibur, buried in stone, waiting for the rightful heir to the throne.

Every president in modern times has offered hope and optimism at some level, although few have been able to deliver on the promise of a brighter tomorrow.  The point though, is that they engendered hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Donald Trump only fosters hate, fear and resentment.  He doesn't even offer hope to his own supporters, other than some vague notion of "making America great again."

Trump's message to his supporters is the same as his message to African Americans during the 2016 campaign: "What the hell do you have to lose."

The implications are both clear and frightening. The world in which we live is so horrible that
A: It needs to be turned upside down
B: Only Donald Trump can fix it.

It's true that we've come to use the Hitler comparisons all too frequently, but the comparison here can not be ignored.  Trump's rhetoric is the rhetoric of dictators and fascists throughout history, replete with attacks on a free press.

When it comes to offering hope, Trump only offers it in the form of repression of the "others."

You can fill in any minority in place of "others," but we all know who he's talking about and hear his not-too-subtle dog whistles of racism, bigotry, homophobia and every other form of hatred and distrust for those not like "us."

The American presidency is the chance of a lifetime to make a real difference in the world.  It can be a chance to better mankind.

Giving that chance to Donald Trump is like pouring a $2,500 bottle of Pappy Van Winkle bourbon into a bowl of punch at a high school homecoming.

It's a waste of a great whiskey and the kids have no idea what they're drinking.

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