If Brett Kavanaugh's kids are traumatized by the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, it's just too damn bad

If Brett Kavanaugh's kids are traumatized by the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford, it's just too damn bad

The Senate hearings on Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination were tumultuous.  Amidst objections over the lack of documentation provided and shouting protesters, Kavanaugh's two daughters, Margaret (13) and Elizabeth (10) were removed from the proceedings.

One insider said, “It was very unpleasant for young children.”

Politics is never pleasant, but this is what Brett Kavanaugh signed up for.  He's the pick of the Federalist Society and the one conservative judge sure to protect the President.

The GOP is playing hardball, without due process, without regular order.

Evangelicals have turned a blind eye to a lying, amoral, corrupt, traitorous man in return for a Supreme Court justice who will help them overturn Roe v Wade. We can only hope that Miranda v Arizona never comes before a Kavanaugh court.

On the Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh would be in a position to traumatize generations of young girls and he has shown no hesitance to do so and lie about it.

In 2017 Kavanaugh attempted to prevent a 17-year old girl from getting an abortion and lied about it to the judiciary committee.

Kavanaugh insisted that the young woman needed a sponsor, even though she had met all the requirements of the State of Texas.

Kavanaugh wants absolution for an indiscretion of his when he was 17, but thinks a 17-year old girl should suffer lifelong punishment for her indiscretion.

Kavanaugh's accuser, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford wants to talk to the FBI.  Neither Kavanaugh nor Mark Judge, the man Ford alleges was in the room at the time of the attack want to talk to the FBI.

That should clear up any doubt about who's telling the truth and who's lying.

Mark Judge, the man Ford puts in the room during her attack is hardly a friendly witness.  His writings detail a senior year full of drunken debauchery.  In their yearbook, Judge wrote “Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs."

Judge, a product of the Georgetown Prep sense of entitlement has extolled 'the wonderful beauty of uncontrollable male passion."

In 2002, when he was working in the Bush (43) White House, Kavanaugh conspired with Republican Senate aide Manny Miranda to steal and use emails from Democratic leaders.  (That's a FELONY)

When questioned about it before judiciary committees in 2004, 2006 and 2018, Kavanaugh denied receiving those emails, even though there is absolute proof that he did.

Federal law makes it a crime to "knowingly and willfully" give "materially" false statements to Congress.  Kavanaugh should have gone to jail for five years for that crime.

Kavanaugh is a liar and not fit to sit on the Supreme Court or any other court, his devout Catholicism notwithstanding.  For all we know, he's a victim of predatory Catholic priests and given to reenactments of his own abuse.

Something else that often goes unreported for decades.

The conspiracy theory put forth by Kavanaugh's friend, Ed Whelan demonstrates the obsession these people have to get an anti-abortion judge on the Court. No lie too great, no felony disqualifying.

Kavanaugh and his so-called pro life supporters are willing to subject little Margaret and Elizabeth to what could be lasting trauma, but that's their choice.

There's a lot at stake here for generations of Americans.  We have to feel for little Margie and Liza, but in the bigger picture, it's just too damn bad.

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