Senator John McCain loved a good fight, but he still managed to live above the fray

Senator John McCain loved a good fight, but he still managed to live above the fray

I can't think of a single issue about which I agreed with Senator John McCain, but I never doubted his patriotism or his integrity.

For me and for millions of Americans, a singular act in 1968 elevated John McCain to a level above us all. His refusal to leave his men behind after a year of imprisonment and torture can only be described as super human.

Anyone who says that they would've done the same thing is lying. No one can EVER say what they would have done in any situation until they are in that exact situation.

After the February, 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Donald Trump said that he would've run into that school to take down the shooter. Besides the fact that he has no idea what he would have done in that situation, we all know that he's a sniveling coward.

Trump can only say bad things to people on Twitter. Face to face he folds like a cheap tent in a wind storm.

I had the distinct honor and privilege of driving Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter to an airport a couple of years ago. It's an experience I will never forget.

There is an aura around a brave man, one that can't be faked. There is a humility in having sacrificed for one's country that speaks louder than any fool's boasts.

That is who Kyle Carpenter is. That is who John McCain was.

When McCain corrected a woman who accused Barack Obama of being an Arab, that was an act of integrity above political ambition. Where are those voices now? The roar of silence is deafening.

When Senator McCain showed up on the floor of the Senate to vote on Trump's (un)health care bill, that was an act physical determination. He cast the deciding "No" vote as his conscience dictated, sealing the enmity that Trump will feel for him long after the Senator's passing.

There is pettiness in a small man that can not be disguised.

John McCain's final act of courage as a senator was his address to his colleagues, after his diagnosis of brain cancer, when he beseeched them to abandon tribal rivalry and get back to doing the work of the country. The work for which they were elected, the work for which they get paid.

It remains to be seen if McCain's words will move the needle on political expediency.

Donald Trump can sit silently with his arms crossed, refusing to comment on the life of John McCain, but Trump will always be remembered as a pig who wallowed in his own shit.


John McCain lived within the bounds of civility and respect. He was able to engage his political opponents ferociously, but without tribalism or partisanship.

With the passing of John McCain an era has ended.  There doesn't seem to be anyone left to stand up for the constitutional authority of what used to be a branch of our government created to be co-equal with the president.

There doesn't seem to be anyone left to stand up for America.

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