Al Franken took one for the team, but it may have been the wrong team

Al Franken took one for the team, but it may have been the wrong team

The following was first posted in December, 2017.  I'm re-posting it now to kick start the Bring Back Franken movement:

Senator Al Franken (D-MN) resigned his Senate seat over allegations of sexual misconduct.  Franken's resignation is a microcosm of the Bizzaro world that now comprises what we laughingly call our political system.

Not to dismiss or minimize the women who came forward against Franken, his forced resignation is nonetheless misguided.

The most damning piece of evidence against Franken is also the most innocuous. It is a picture taken on a military transport 30,000 feet above the ocean when Franken, then a comedian was on a USO tour with model Leeann Tweeden.

The picture shows Franken reaching for a sleeping Tweeden's breasts, though it's clear from the picture that there is no actual contact.


This staged photo is sophomoric, immature and disrespectful. It is however the behavior of a comedian, something we might find funny in a Saturday Night Live skit. My sources tell me that Tweeden was part of the setup for the photo and was only feigning sleep.

We haven't heard from the person who took that picture, another unsolved mystery, like Donald Trump's taxes.

The picture Tweeden released prompted others to come forward with complaints, mostly about Franken touching their butts. No one accused him of abusing his power over them.

Leeann Tweeden's partner on KABC is a man named John Phillips, who just so happens to be pals with Trump insider, Roger Stone.

If you don't recognize the name Roger Stone, he was a player in the Trump campaign with ties to Russia and Julian Assange of WikiLeaks. He may soon be indicted.

Tweeden herself is a Trump supporter and a "birther," that rare breed of racist idiot who doesn't believe that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii.

The problem for Democrats is that the picture will always be out there, hanging over their heads. For a party obsessed with appearing to walk the high road, something had to be done.

Democrats felt that getting rid of John Conyers and Al Franken would inject enough "morality" into the political discourse ahead of Tuesday's special election in Alabama to block the election of #RoyMooreChildMolester.

It's problematic that we're allowing ourselves to lump all misbehavior together, conflating rudeness with criminality.

Any way you slice it, Roy Moore is a predator. There is enough credible evidence to conclude that he spent his 30's trolling for teenage girls.

Franken is a prankster who may have a propensity for touching women's butts while posing for pictures.

Democrats don't have the luxury of moral outrage. They can't afford to try to appear nicer than the other guys. We can't afford it.

The other guys have a leader who admitted on tape to assaulting women. He is a proven liar, and not just the regular, political type of lies. Everything he says is a lie.

The other guys have a leader who probably owes a hostile, foreign government hundreds of millions of dollars and conspired with them to win the presidency and undermine democracy in America.

The other guys are openly supporting a child molester because they don't want to lose a seat to Democrats.

The other guys have conspired to put a hastily concocted tax bill on Trump's desk that has been misrepresented and lied about without fear of repercussions.

I'm all for protecting women, but let's not break our backs bending over to do it.

What Democrats don't seem to realize is that they are in a fight for American democracy and "going high when they go low" is not going to protect those Americans who are constantly getting screwed.

Franken admitted what he did, Roy Moore has denied the allegations. Trump said we have to take Moore's denials seriously. That is the topsy turvy world in which we now live.

Franken quitting gives the other side someone to point at to take the focus off their own bad actors. That's how they do it, that's how they play the game.

Democrats need to get their heads out of their asses and into the game.

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