Captain Bone Spurs and the big parade for a little dick

Captain Bone Spurs and the big parade for a little dick

Below is the blog promised at the end of last week's Is health care in America a scam or just corruption and greed run amok?:

WHILE no details of Donald Trump's planned Veterans Day parade were ever formulated or released to the public, it looks like the potential cost of that third world display of military might could be a lot higher than anyone suspected.

As if the original estimate of $10 to $30 Million wasn't enough, the budget office just released a projection that the cost could blossom to over NINETY MILLION DOLLARS.

And that's without 140,000 pound tanks rumbling down Pennsylvania Avenue, ripping up the pavement.

Of course, once the generals put the kibosh on the parade and kicked it into next year, Captain Bone Spurs (AKA Don the Con, AKA POTUS, AKA Individual-1, AKA Candidate for Federal Office) took to Twitter to say that it was his idea to cancel the parade.

Bone Spurs said that he would attend the Air Force parade (they don't have one) and then go to Paris for their parade on November 11.  France's parade commemorates the end of World War I.

The irony is that Trump took credit for cancelling a parade that was his idea, in complete disregard for the cost and the push back.

If you think about it, $90 Million for a parade doesn't seem so bad when you compare it to the $75 Million Trump's golf outings have already cost us this year and it's only August.

That's a lot of taxpayer money for a guy who campaigned on the promise that if elected, he would be too busy to play golf.

If you're confused, you're not alone. We live in topsy turvy times, where the President projects his own crimes on his accusers and objective truth is under attack.  Actually, it's on life support.

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis cast doubt on the $90 Million price tag, but Pentagon officials confirmed $50 Million in hard costs for their participation.

Add in another $22 Million that Washington, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser says it will cost for security, clean up, etc and we're getting pretty close to that $90 Million price point.

Maybe it's time for a big parade, like they have in Russia and North Korea and other countries where dictators use military parades to keep the masses in line.  India uses their military parades to intimidate Pakistan.

America hasn't had a military parade since 1991, when we were celebrating the end of the first Gulf War.

The fly in the ointment is that Captain Bone Spurs has no visible notches on his belt buckle which would give him any bragging rights at all.

He says that ISIS is kaput, but the rest of the world disagrees.

He's had front page meetings with leaders of North Korea and Russia with no verifiable results whatsoever. Unless you count his complete supplication to Vladimir Putin as a verifiable result.

North Korea has resumed it's missile program and Russia is still hacking our elections.

Many people have speculated that Captain Bone Spurs' parade was meant to assuage his smoldering resentment of Marco Rubio for the small hands remark.

We know that Captain Bone Spurs can never let go of a slight, real or imaginary, which is typical for a guy with small hands.

There is no word from the White House regarding questions about vehicles from the U.S. Space Force being included in next year's parade.

It has been reported though, that people making space junk are major donors to both GOP candidates and Captain Bone Spurs.

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