James Comey has a "Higher Loyalty," but so does Scott Pruitt

James Comey has a "Higher Loyalty," but so does Scott Pruitt
image: Washington Times

I've written some criticisms of James Comey, including, "James Comey May Be a Boy Scout, But Sometimes He Acts Like a Girl Scout"

and "Was James Comey Working for the Russians or for Donald Trump?"

I've been tough on the former FBI director since his inexplicable July 5, 2016 press conference.  You can read Comey's remarks HERE.

Comey's unprecedented castigation of Hillary Clinton was a body blow to Clinton and her campaign. He delivered the knock out punch on October 28, 2016 with another baffling move, delivered in the form of a letter to Congress.

In that letter Comey indicated that the investigation into Clinton's emails might be re-opened because of information found on Anthony Weiner's laptop.  It turned out to be nothing, but the damage was done.

You could argue that these two seismic events did not cost Clinton the election, but that would be a specious argument, at best.

It's indisputable that those two events combined with the attack on our electorate by a regime intent on destroying democracy (Russia) moved the needle in the direction of Donald J. Trump.

Let's put a pin in that discussion for now, though.

Comey's actions on July 5 and October 28 of 2016 will be the subject of debate and speculation for some time to come.

James Comey is a Republican who was nominated for the position of FBI director by President Barack Obama and confirmed 93-1 by a Republican Senate.

Comey's July 5, 2016 press conference seemed like a hatchet job, a politically motivated smear of Hillary Clinton.

Comey's actions were unprecedented.  It was out of line with FBI procedures and with our impression of James Comey, the man.

Comey's book, "A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies and Leadership" failed to shed any real light on those dark days, but it did serve to put Comey's action into context.

It's likely that Comey doesn't know why he did what he did any more than we do.

Comey appears to be a conflicted man plagued by the fear of being perceived as not doing the right thing.  A fear that, on at least a couple of occasions led him to do the wrong thing.

Comey, however is a man who has dedicated his public life to truth, integrity, order, and protecting those who are weak or struggling.

Comey's contemporaneous notes, his testimony, interviews and everything in his book are completely consistent and have only been contradicted by one man.

Sadly, that one man has been documented as being the most prolific liar of all time (guess who).

Contrast the public life of James Comey with that of Scott Pruitt, Administrator of the EPA.

Pruitt came into an administration pretending to "drain the swamp."  There is, however no more corrupt swamp creature than Scott Pruitt, who hired his buddy, Albert Kelly to oversee the nation's Superfund program.

The Superfund pays for the cleanup of sites contaminated with hazardous substances and pollutants, which is right where you'd want a guy like Kelly, who was fined $125,000 last year by the FDIC and BANNED FROM BANKING FOR LIFE.

It's understandable that Pruitt likes Kelly.  Kelly's bank loaned Pruitt $600,000 to buy a lake house when Pruitt was only making $38,000 a year as an Oklahoma state senator.

That's got to be worth a "lock him up!"

Pruitt uses the EPA budget as his personal piggy bank.  He rented an expensive Georgetown condo for $50 a night (payable only on the nights he stayed there) from a lobbyist (Steven Hart) representing a client under the jurisdiction of the EPA.

Obviously, Pruitt lied about all of it.  As swamp creatures go, Scott Pruitt reigns supreme.

Compared to the miscreants comprising the Trump cabinet, James Comey is a Boy Scout, the Pope and Abraham Lincoln, all rolled into one. He's just not perfect.  Like you and me.

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