The Case for Executing Donald J. Trump

The Case for Executing Donald J. Trump

Plenty of people out there think Donald Trump needs to Go (that's "go" with a capital "G"). They're offended by his very existence.

These folks are angry and some have very unpleasant ideas about the way they'd like to see The Donald done in.

"John" described a particularly nasty practice of the the Taliban.

As I understand it, they tie their victim, whose sin is some sort of "blasphemy" to a chair or table and then slice off his face and genitals. The victim is made to watch his body parts devoured by hungry dogs.

Lacking eyelids, he is unable to close his eyes.

Other suggestions involved pain, removal of body parts and vague references to family members.

All that seems extreme, but justice demands some form of comeuppance for Dishonest Don, something for everyone to witness.  An execution as part of the legal process.

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for far less.

It would go a long way to restore:
1.  Faith in humanity.
2.  Belief in the people that have dedicated their lives to serving this country.
3.  Values we grew up with, like compassion, civility and honesty.

This is not about the fact that Donald J. Trump is a horrible human being, although he is that.  He has built an empire on the backs of those who could not defend themselves, on broken promises, lies and breached contracts.

Nor is it about him being the worst serial liar anyone has ever seen, much less met in person.  He is definitely that.

Trump lies about lying.  He says things that are demonstrably untrue and then says he didn't say them, even though video of him saying them is playing on a loop on every cable channel.

His lies are palpable and as pathetic as his obsessive need for approval.

We're not even going to get into his most recent, gigantic lie, the one where he said he wouldn't personally benefit from the GOP Tax Scam and then told his Mar-a-Lago buddies that he just made them a lot richer.

This isn't about the way Trump has twisted the presidency into something evil and pathological, making his entire entourage and a sycophantic excuse for a VP heap praise on him until normal people feel their lunches coming up in their throats.

It's not about Trump turning the GOP into the party of corruption and lies or the fact that he's looted the U.S. Treasury for his own benefit.

It's not about the disgraceful way Dishonest Don treated the heroic actions of John McCain or the contempt he showed for Gold Star families like the Khans and Myeshia Johnson.

It isn't even about the way he sides with Nazis and white supremacists while attacking the 1st Amendment rights of black football players.

This is about Donald Trump's attack on democracy and his refusal to stand up for the Constitution he has sworn to uphold.  Donald Trump is the enemy of decency, democracy and the American way of life.

Trump, as President of the United States has shown a grotesque disregard for human life.  His response to the murder of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville was reprehensible, to the devastating hurricane in Puerto Rico indefensible and his politicization of America's fallen a downright disgrace.

Russia hacked into the heart of American democracy and continues to do so while our so-called president has only praise for Vladimir Putin.

Trump is quick to attack Hillary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, CNN, the FBI and members of his own party, but he is silent when the president of Turkey has American citizens beaten up (IN AMERICA!) for exercising their 1st Amendment rights.

The #notmypresident movement was started by people who were dissatisfied with the results of the 2016 election.  Trump, himself has shown that he is only president of those who share his views.

For the sake of the nation, this guy has got to go.

The only question is whether or not Republicans are going to stand up for their country and the citizens who elected them or continue to pander to the man who would be king.

What do you think, Orrin Hatch?

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