It's Pretty Clear that Russia's Meddling Went a Long Way to get Donald Trump Elected

It's Pretty Clear that Russia's Meddling Went a Long Way to get Donald Trump Elected
Pizzagate: The lie that keeps on giving

Bill Maher has an occasional segment on his show, Real Time entitled "I don't know it for a fact, I just know it's true." I don't know it for a fact, but Russia's responsibility for the election of Donald Trump is something that I just know is true.

Despite Trump's claim of a landslide victory, the margin was razor thin and hinged on just 80,000 votes in three states; Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

That's almost a democratic travesty when you consider that Hillary Clinton won the popular election by three million votes.

Contrary to Trump's "alternative facts," there were no illegal aliens voting and his inauguration crowd was puny. Those are the facts, no matter what alternatives Kellyanne whispers in his ear.

The TrumpRussia conspiracy was not without its co-conspirators. Giant corporations and the wealthiest of the wealthy had a lot to gain from Trump's election.  Just take a look at this clever tax plan their trying to ram down our throats.

Big tax cuts for corporations already sitting on the largest stockpile of cash in history and very meager cuts for the middle class that will be phased out in just a couple of years. That comes with an immediate ax INCREASE for about 10% of middle class, hard working Americans.

Don't believe me, read if for yourself.

TrumpRussia's biggest boost, however may have come from an unintentional source; well-meaning but misguided FBI director James Comey.

In an unprecedented and curious exoneration of Hillary Clinton in July of 2016, Comey underscored the State Department's transgression and editorialized about their carelessness.  This was enough to plant seeds of doubt in the minds of millions of voters as well as handing TrumpRussia a boatload of talking points.

By early October of 2016 the race was about even when the Access Hollywood tape was released with Trump, in his own words describing himself as a sexual predator and pussy grabber. Conventional wisdom called Trump down and out.

Later that month, James Comey did the unimaginable. He announced that some emails from Hillary Clinton to her close confidante and aid, Huma Abedin were forwarded to Abedin's husband, Anthony Weiner.

There could not have been a better timed or more salacious revelation for TrumpRussia. Weiner, in trouble for texting pictures of his dick to a woman while laying in bed with his toddler son had emails on his laptop from his Muslim wife (Abedin).

You can not make that stuff up. The world of the undecideds collapsed.

Nobody heard the part where Comey said that they had no idea what was in those emails and the "nothing there" issued a week later was whispered into a hurricane.

The back drop for all of this was a constant barrage of made up stories swirling around the internet. They were concocted by Russian "troll farms," posted on Facebook and Instagram and disseminated by Breitbart, Fox News, Alex Jones and other denizens of crazy town.

No story was too ridiculous. The one about a child sex ring run out of a pizza joint in Washington spread like wildfire, with idiots like Mike Flynn and his son tweeting it.

Everyone on Team Trump is somehow connected to Russia and, when asked about it, they all lie.

When the polls seemed to definitively predict Hillary Clinton's victory, members of the Trump posse appeared a little too sure that their boy was going to win. Some even predicted exactly which states were in their pockets.

It was uncanny. It was almost as if they knew the fix was in.

When CNN's Brianna Kieler told Trump attorney Michael Cohen that his candidate was down in every poll, Cohen's only response was, "Says who?"

Cohen's response was comical, but the joke was on us.

It appears that Cohen was oblivious to polls because he knew somebody could influence polling places.  It only took a few states to make the difference and Russian hacking was active in at least 39 states.

While this may all sound entirely circumstantial, many a man has gone to death row on circumstantial evidence. The evidence is overwhelming and it is incontrovertible.  Much of it is in Trump's own words and his tweets.

Ask yourself why we're ramping up sanctions on North Korea, a country that hasn't attacked us, but we can never say a disparaging word about Russia, a country that has attacked us at our very core.

Rather than bore you with details, you can, if you're interested read about TrumpRussia HERE or HERE or HERE.

As for those smoking guns you're looking for, you may be seeing them sooner than you think.  Bob Mueller has been moving quickly and decisively. We've seen a lot of smoke, we may soon be looking at a forest fire.

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