How This President Failed His First Test as Chief Executive and Betrayed America

How This President Failed His First Test as Chief Executive and Betrayed America

Vladimir Putin has a clear agenda and that is to influence the world to turn a blind eye to his aggression and territorial greed. His methods vary from country to country, but he finds ways to influence elections to put Russia friendly officials in power, just like he did in Ukraine.

Some countries fight Putin tooth and nail while in some, Putin is able to find unwitting stooges. I'm not naming names, but for the remainder of this piece, I will be referring to our current leader as Comrade Curly.

France, Germany and Sweden have all found their election processes under various forms of attack from Russian influence. It's gotten so bad that Dutch election officials have announced that they plan to count all of the ballots from their national elections this month by hand.

All that being said, it's likely that Holland will go the anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant way of America and the rest of Europe, but at least it will be at the hands of their own little Dutch xenophobes.

There is absolutely no doubt that Russia meddled in our election process. NONE.

Comrade Curly would like you to know that the Russians did not help him win the election and I am happy to stipulate to that fact.  It is hardly the point, though.

As usual, America first really means Trump first, America second.  Or third, but definitely in the top five.  Or ten.

As president, no, as a very fortunate citizen of this country, Comrade Curly should be outraged that a foreign nation would have the temerity to attempt any sort of influence of our elections. It doesn't matter if they did it on behalf of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton or Oprah Winfrey.

Russia meddled on behalf of Russia and that's all that matters.

The only two questions Comrade Curly should be asking are:
1. How were they able to get inside our defenses?
2. How can we make sure it never happens again?

He should be directing the full force of our intelligence agencies in that direction and forget about who's selling Ivanka's shoes for a while.

That is the way the President of the United States of America would defend our democracy.  Did he do that?  No, he did not.

He did, however spend an inordinate amount of time telling you not to believe the news stories that would be coming out about him and his band of merry men.

In other words, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain."

It's not all fake news.  Investigative journalists put themselves at risk every day to ensure a free democracy.  Why would anyone choose, instead to believe a guy who spent his whole life creating fake news for his own aggrandizement?

For the record, Meryl Streep deserves her three Oscars.

Comrade Curly may have harsh words for many world leaders, but he has only praise for Vladimir Putin. He surrounds himself with those suggested by Mr. Putin, like Paul Manafort, whom Curly did not know prior to hiring him to run his campaign.

Before that, the only campaign Manafort had ever run was for Putin's puppet in Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych.  That's one of Putin's strategies, using Manafort to help get puppets elected.

Michael Flynn's ties to Putin earned him the stint of shortest serving National Security Advisor in history.

Jeff Sessions, our Attorney General, no less lied under oath about meetings with the Russian ambassador.

Trump had never before met Rex Tillerson, a close friend of Vladimir Putin, recipient of the Russian Order of Friendship and now our Secretary of State.  Tillerson's deal with Russia, now on hold because of President Obama's sanctions is worth hundred of billions.

Wilbur Ross, Trump's newest cabinet member is also a close friend of Vladimir Putin.

Ross is part owner of the Bank of Cyprus (where Russian oligarchs go on laundry day) and a guy who funneled tens of millions of dollars to Donald Trump in a questionable real estate deal at the behest of Vladimir Putin.

It's almost as if Vladimir Putin, himself is our president.

If you think this is all purely coincidental, I have a "like new" car I'd like to sell you. I only drive it on Sundays, and very slowly. If you have no questions about any of this, then you absolutely have the president you deserve.

-A little help here:  Did you know that healthcare was very complicated?  I'm doing an informal little poll.  Someone said that "NOBODY" knew that health care was complicated and I'm trying to determine the source of  that fake news.

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